Greetings everyone. I know that the semester is winding down at the moment, but we’re still going strong here at McCormick’s headquarters. We’re somewhere in the side of a mountain that looks like a Ram, named Herald. Just like in Austin powers. We don’t have lazer sharks, but we do have fake light saber fights in IBS. But don’t tell Melody Knowles we ever said that.

Today I want to introduce you Sylvia Miller. You already met her kitty, Lillie Bug, in one of our Confessions of Seminary Pets. Sylvia is a good friend and is also actively involved with the Vagina Monologues. Yes, we and other Hyde Park Seminaries put on the VM’s every year in our own Common Room on the first floor of McCormick. Sylvia is one of the directors this year with one Miss Abby Mohaupt from the Herald newspaper and Session! But we’ll talk more about those in February. So meet Sylvia, she’s great and I love her. You will too.


~Shelley D.

McCormick Blog: Our readers need to know, who are you?

My name is Sylvia and I am small town girl living in a lonely world.  Ok, not entirely true.  I am from a small town in the middle of nowhere, better known as Walnut Grove, Missouri but my world if far from lonely!  I attended Drury University in Springfield, Missouri where I got my BA in Religion, and Psychology and two minors; one in Women and Genders Studies the other in Global Perspectives.  After graduation my best friend and I moved to Chicago and I love it here!  Always a city girl at heart I guess.  Oh and I obviously have a soft spot for 80’s rock :)

MB: There were lots of places you could have gone, why did you come to McCormick?

As much as I love to talk about theory I love even more to put theory into practice.  McCormick gave me that opportunity.  I no longer just talk about what the church should look like but the ways to make this church a reality!

MB: Which group do you represent on Session?

I represent Acts 10:15 which is the LGBTQ advocacy group.  We are made up of both LGBTQ members of the community as well as allies.  I also represent the Women in Ministry group which is putting on the Vagina Monologues on February 11 and A Memory A Monologue A Rant and A Prayer on February 12.  They both prove to be amazing shows and all profit goes to a good cause (shameless advertising :) Um, Sylvia, we’re okay with that. Go right on ahead. We’ll even help: Hey people! Come to the Vagina Monologues in February, they are AWESOME!

MB: What are your responsibilities for your group?

In Acts 10:15 I am apart of a moderating board.  The other part of the board is made up of Tracy Nolan (second year) and Katie Anderson (third year), they are the real stars of the show.  Right now our biggest project is the Open Table discussion which is held on certain Tuesdays from 12:00 to 1:00 and discuss issues of sexuality and the church (yet another advertisement :)

In the Women in Ministry group I, along with my better half Abby Mohaupt, am responsible for putting on our production of Vagina Monologues and MMRP.

MB: What is one thing you’ve learned so far at McCormick?

Nothing is as simple as we would like to make it.  Community is hard to make but a necessity for life.  If you live in Chicago, make sure to wear shoes with fur in them.

MB: What’s one thing you’re hoping for?

World peace :) while I’m waiting for that to come about I hope to provide a safe space for people to discuss matters close to their heart.

Thanks Sylvia, we look froward to those Vagina Monologues!

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