Well, McBlog readers, we’re back. We had to take a bit of a break this week with the insane snowstorm that blew though! But we’re back!

A while back, you all met Abby Mohaupt, one of our representatives on the Student Session here at McCormick. Abby is also the proud mother to three wonderful kitties. They aren’t just kitties, they are something more. I’m not sure what, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find an appropriate word for it. It’s a good thing, but still my vocabulary needs to be expanded before I can find the right word for them. But there is a lot of lovin’ to go around with these three ladies. Enjoy!


We have really long names because our humans are weird. These are what are on our papers, though:



and Eve.

We also have a fish named Food who we’re not allowed to play with. He mostly swims around in circles, and he’s boring.


Abby Mohaupt and Nathan Fleming

So guys, tell us a little about yourself and what makes you so interesting?

Mama: I was a stray cat who was really pregnant and gave birth to my six babies in Abby and Nathan’s basement. Before I was found, I kept my babies alive and I almost died. But then I was found and I discovered that I love people. I love to give kisses and sleep on Abby’s lap.
Panda: My Mama is the best Mama in the whole world. I like to play with her. Sometimes Abby chases me and I do not like that. But sometimes I can’t find Mama and Abby helps me find her, so I guess she’s ok.
Eve: I’M TWO! I like sleeping under a blanket and jumping onto the counter and hiding under the bed and jumping on Panda. I also like to yawn with my eyes open and I can say “no.”

You must have ever entertaining lives; what’s the best part of your day?

Mama: When Abby comes home so I can cuddle with her.
Panda: Cuddling with Mama.
Eve: Tackling Panda from above.

Do any of you happen to have a favorite toy?

Mama: This really old sock with catnip inside of it. It is the best.
Panda: The weird red light that nathan sometimes makes appear out of nowhere!
Eve: People! I especially like people who will pet me without picking me up (I’m a little afraid of being picked up).

Favorite treat?

Mama: Sunchips….yum.
Panda: MAMA!!
Eve: Drinking water out of Abby’s glass.

Favorite place to sleep?
Mama: In the papasan chair.
Panda: On top of mama!!
Eve:  On my Nathy’s legs.

How do you feel about the snow?

Mama: It’s ok…

Panda: What does Mama think?

Eve:  SNOW? What’s that? I think I like snow!!! Can I play in it?

Any social commentary of the day you want to share?

Mama: Its ok…                                                                                                                                Panda: What does mama think?                                                                                             Mama: The comic strip “Mutts” is an excellent source for common sense pet news. Its where I get all my information. Its particularly correct on its stance on puppy farms and shelters. We need more cutting edge legislation on how we treat animals, and people need to recognize that we’re important members of their families. Now, where is my Abby?
Panda: Everybody should love everybody. And everybody should take a nap.
Eve: Can we eat during social commentary? I choose the nearest electronic cord. HAUMPF.

How do you feel being labeled a “seminary pet?”

Mama: Abby is the best seminarian in the whole world so I’m okay with the label.
Panda: Is mama a seminary pet? Yes? Then so am I!!!
Eve: Seminary?! What’s that? Does Nathan go there? Can I play in it?

Well, thank ladies for your time! We really appreciate it. Stay tuned for more to come all you McCormick Bloggers!

Peace ~ Shelley D.

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