Greetings again everyone! Well, you got to meet some amazing people last semester so we thought you’d like to meet more of them. Today we’ve got an interview from Amber Ellington, second year student here at McCormick who sits on the Student Session as a student representative and also sits on the Board of Trustees. She keeps pretty busy but we were able to catch up with her!

Our readers need to know, who are you?

I’m just an average girl from South Louisiana. I was raised on sweet tea (entirely too sweet), crawfish etouffee, boudin, fried shrimp, jambalaya, and grits with Tabasco sauce. Luckily I was always heavily involved in sports and dance, or you would be able to physically tell I once ate like that! :D

I also have the best friends and family anyone could ever ask for! I have an older brother, two younger sisters, my mom, dad, and two dogs.

In my head I’m a yoga master and top chef, but in real life I’m just a McCormick middler who doesn’t socially exist anymore because of the demanding field education schedule.

Any hobbies you might have?

Working out (P90X or running), Pilates (Windsor), Yoga (Ashtanga), reading, journaling, watching Netflix (way too much), cooking (vegetarian), baking, watching The Next Great Baker on TLC or Cupcake Wars on Food Network, and daydreaming about someday graduating and getting a dog.

There were lots of places you could have gone, why did you come to McCormick?

I came to McCormick for not only the same reasons you always hear, such as diversity, being urban, progressive, the community, blah blah blah, but most importantly because of the faculty. When I originally visited McCormick through IIM there was a faculty panel presented in which prospective students were able to ask questions and listen to the experience of McCormick through a faculty perspective. How could you not want to be a part of McCormick after meeting the people that work here?! After hearing Dr. Frank Yamada speak, I heard a voice telling me that this was where I was supposed to be. And here I am.

Oh, and location, location, location. Who wouldn’t want to go to school in Chicago? Well, maybe not in the winter.

Which group do you represent on Session?

I represent my class for the second year now, which is currently the middler class. I am also the student representative to the McCormick Board of Trustees, which is an AMAZING group of people who are passionate about and care very deeply for MTS.

What are your responsibilities for your group?

I represent my class through making various issues known to the session. I originally proposed getting a student microwave in the McCormick building- that is where my priorities lie. I also do the same in regards to the Board of Trustees, but I’m representing all students- not just middlers.

What is one thing you’ve learned so far at McCormick?

That I learn best amidst diversity, that I don’t know anything, I am not called to be an expert on all things theological, and that God did not call me to be “right” (in a sense of being “correct”- not a political or theological right ). Also, that I am a strong, intelligent, happy and capable woman- I always have been, always will be, and I will not allow anything or person to change that.

What’s one thing you’re hoping for?

Finally being finished with field site and one day graduating!!!!!!!! (And getting a dog after that)

Thanks Amber!

Until next time! ~Shelley D.

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