We recently interviewed a few new dogs, Jamie Wasowski’s to be exact. They were pretty great to interview. So here they are!


Gordon Fergus

Liberty Belle


Jamie and Bob
Tell us a little about yourself and what makes you so interesting?

GF:  I am a Golden Retriever, but I get mistaken for a Irish Setter on a regular basis because of my Reddish Coloring.  I love to lick my feet, but sometimes I am very itchy because of my allergies. My parents sometimes get angry because they say I smell like Corn Chips.  I have tried everything to smell better, even changed my diet, oh well!

LB:  I love everyone and feel like a princess, but sometimes I get scared if I am somewhere new.  I am really afraid of the big scary monster that my parents pull out of the kitchen closet every now and then. When they plug it in and turn it on, I run into the bedroom and jump into bed and hide until it’s all over.
What’s the best part of your day?

GF: I love sleeping on my very own bed. It is so comfy and I can sprawl out and still fit. I also love when my parents get home because then I can go to the bathroom!

LB:  I love when my parents are home the best, because they spend a lot of time with me and let me cuddle with them.
Favorite toy?

GF:  My favorite toy is my cheeseburger squeaky toy, but recently I have really liked playing with my “Mr. Bill” toy…he says “Oh, Noooooooooo” an awful lot!

LB: My favorite toy is usually whatever Gordon has, but I love my Chew Rope!
Favorite treat?

GF: Did somebody say rawhides?  Those are my absolute favorites! I also love whenever my parents give me table scraps, but that doesn’t seem to happen very often.

LB:  I love rawhides too!  I usually will hide them around the house or stash them outside…sometimes I will steal them from Gordon because he doesn’t always finish them.

Favorite place to sleep?

GF: My Orthopedic Dog Bed!  It’s the best! What can I say…my parents spoil me!

LB: I love sleeping with my parents! They have the biggest Doggie bed and I love it!
How do you feel about the snow?

GF: I love the snow, especially making snow dog angels! But I hate the Dog booties my Mom makes me wear. They feel so awkward!

LB: I love playing in snow and my Mom always makes sure that I am bundled up in my snow suit so I stay extra warm. It’s lot’s of fun especially when I find a bone that I left outside in the snow!

Any social commentary of the day you want to share?

GF: Well this more affects me and Liberty, but I would really like our new house better if my brothers were here with us. I really miss our feline siblings, Little Guy and Mew Mew.  They weren’t allowed to come with, but I am hoping my parents might be able to figure out a way for us all to be a family again.  It just doesn’t seem fair. (insert sad puppy face here)

LB:  I think everyone should love everyone, but especially me because I want to be a princess.

How do you feel being labeled a “seminary pet?”

GF: I think it’s fine. I would love to meet some of the other seminary pets sometime. When my Mom was a student she lived off campus and never brought me to school. It think it would be great to have a dog party at the seminary sometime.

LB: Do I get to be princess over the other seminary pets? If not it’s ok…I like getting lots of attention!

Thanks for the interview guys! Catch us back here on Monday morning with more interesting stuff!

Peace~Shelley D.

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