Good Monday everyone! It’s a bit cold and grey here in Chicago, but in the walls of the McCormick building, we’re staying warm and bright (well, as bright as you can be on a Monday morning in Greek class).

Now, if you’re someone looking at McCormick as a possible choice for your next step in life, then there are several people that you will encouner. One of those is the fabulous Jamie Wasowski. She is our Associate for Master’s Level Recruitment. If you don’t get one of our reps on the phone or via email then you will probably get Jamie! She is a huge help!

When I was applying to McCormick she was my go to person (as well as Kate Ester!). Jamie answered all my questions and helped walk me through the confusing parts. We did a quick interview with her here; it doesn’t sum up everything about her but its a good starting point! She’s a great person to get to know. You might have met her dogs last week, Gordon and Liberty.

You can reach Jamie at or (773)947-6255.

Jamie Wasowski, Associate for Master's Level Recruitment and Admissions


Jamie Alexandra Montgomery Kasik Wasowski, but because it is so long I prefer Jamie Wasowski for short! :)

Who does your family consist of? (pets too!)

My immediate family consists of my husband Bob who I have been married to for seven years this year, my Mom who I am very close with and of course my two Golden Retrievers: Gordon Fergus and Liberty Belle.  I also have two cats who have been temporarily adopted by my Mom, they are Little Guy and Mew Mew.

Where did you go to college? Seminary?

I began my college experience by studying Vocal Performance and Journalism at  Columbia College Chicago. At the time, I decided it was best to work full time, since I was paying my way through school and already accruing debt. Due to the costs and my inexperience with money, I decided to work full time.  However, I eventually returned to school in the Fall of 2000 and received two scholarships which gave me enough incentive to return.  I decided to continue to pursue music, but changed my major to Philosophy after taking two Philosophy classes that really impressed me: Intro to Philosophy and Ethics.  I completed my degree at St. Xavier University where I graduated in 2003 with a BA.  Around the time of my graduation I was considering seminary, but like most people, I had doubts if it would be the right fit.  However after encouragement from my Pastor and others, I decided to attend an Inquiry Into Ministry event.  After feeling excitement from my experience at IIM, I finally decided to apply and see where God would lead me.  I was admitted to McCormick Theological Seminary and graduated in 2008 with an MDiv degree.

What’s your job title?

I am the Associate for Master’s Level Recruitment and Admissions.

How long have you worked for McCormick?

This is an interesting question since I began working for McCormick in my Senior year as a Student Worker for Development and Alumni Relations.  I was hired into my current position in July of 2008.  Technically, 3 and a half years, but sometimes it feels like much longer!

Why work for McCormick?

I love the people who make up the community, many of whom inspire me on a daily basis.  Also, I meet a lot of people who are in their discernment processes and who aren’t sure if seminary is the right next step to take. It gives me much joy to work with these people and help them through the process.

Favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job, is definitely meeting and working with prospectives and student recruitment representatives!  I really enjoy working with the Recruitment Reps because I have found that they can bring so much perspective to the needs of the office and can really give voice to the process having come into McCormick more recently that both JC and myself. I also like the times outside of my job that I get to spend as a part of the community, whether it is through worship or in participating in an event that is hosted here at the seminary.

What’s something interesting about yourself?

Not too many people know this, but those who are close to me know that I like to collect things. For example, I have a doll collection that my grandmother started for me as a child, a thimble collection from places I have been or from where others have been and a button collection containing music, Irish, sports and even political buttons.

What is something that you love about Chicago or that you recommend?

There is so much that I love about Chicago!  First, there is so much culturally! If you love the arts then what better place to call home!  There are so many different museums to choose from and many different music venues no matter what style you claim.  Second, the rich diversity in food!  Whether you are interested in Chicago pizza, Chicago hot dogs, or ethnic food: Polish, German, Thai, Korean, Soul, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, French, fill in the blank….it’s all here and it is amazing!!!  Third, the Sports!  I honestly believe we have some of the best sports teams right here in Chicago! Whether it’s the White Sox, Blackhawks, Bears…or even the Chicago Cubs! ; )  Fourth,  Chicago is on a grid system and is real easy to navigate and not get lost!  Plus, why Drive?  especially when there is access to Public Transportation!!!  You can’t beat it!

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