Good day all you McCormick Blog readers! As we sift our way through the Student Session, I want you to meet Marge Vander Wagen. She represents the commuter students on Session. Now, the commuter students are pretty important to us here at McCormick. They make up a large portion of our student body. It makes community very interesting around here most days. And by interesting, I mean that in a good way. It brings together all kinds of people. Just a personal note, but I think commuter students don’t get much credit most days. Most of them have homes and families and jobs off campus so they can’t always be here as much. Yet, they still make the effort to not only be in their classes, but to be involved in so many other ways. So folks, cut ‘em a break. They work pretty darn hard. Next time you see one of your fellow commuter students, tell them how much you appreciate them. Consider this your “Hug a Commuter Day” here at McCormick.

And Marge, we appreciate you; not just for being a commuter student but for all you do on the Session and for other students!

Marge, tell us a little about yourself and who you represent on Session.

I’m Marge Vander Wagen and I represent the commuters at the Session meetings. Although we are all students at McCormick, commuters may have different needs or concerns that should be heard at the session meetings.

So Marge, why did you choose McCormick?

I choose McCormick because it offered interaction with students and professors from many different denominational backgrounds. Seekers and congregations are melting pots embracing many different or no church backgrounds. As a follower of Christ and potential leader, I need to learn how to listen and how to encourage each person.

What’s your background? You know, what did you do before coming to McCormick?

My background includes 30 years as a hospital medical technologist and 10 years as an adjunct college biology instructor. I have served as an elder at a Reformed Church in America and currently am serving in the Caring Community Kitchen at Downers Grove Community Church.  We serve free warm meals to 50 – 60 clients every Wednesday evening.

What is something that you’ve learned since coming here?

At McCormick I have learned to appreciate the lessons that my fellow students and professors have subtley taught me. I listen, process and realize the value of specific conversations, joint projects, and mini-confrontations. Out in the real world, I must learn to work in a heterogeneous society, if I am to be effective for Christ.

What’s one hope that you have?

My hope is that the field studies classes (Min 404 and 405) will give me skills to teach, preach and lead a congregation without burning out.

Thanks Marge!

Peace ~ Shelley D.

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