Happy Monday everyone. Today we have a special treat for you. If you’re a YouTuber, then you will appreciate this. If you’re not, I think you’ll still appreciate it! We recently decided to start putting together some videos about McCormick. This gives you a feel for what it is we’re doing around here and some of the things you could get to do!

This video cronicles our Inquiry Into Ministry event that we held back in February of 2011. We’ll be making more videos in the future for you to eatch and enjoy. It’s like our own version of the Chronicles of Narnia, but you can call these the Chronicles of McCormick. Only we’d have Herald the Ram instead of Aslan the Lion.

This is what Herald would look like if he were in a movie.

The Chronicles of McCormick: Spring 2011 Inquiry Into Ministry

We hold Inquiry Into Ministry twice a year, once in October and then once in February. It’s a chance for you to do some discerning. Maybe McCormick is the right place for you, maybe it’s not. But either way, these events give you a chance to meet current students and faculty, ask questions, interact with other prospective students, and try and hone in on that age old call, “Just what exactly is God calling me to do?” Here’s a hint. You call never answers. In fact, discernment of your call, no matter what kind of tent maker you are in the world, never ends. Had Wolfgang Peterson not already used the title for his box topping movies, then we could call one’s discernment The Neverending Story. But we can’t; copyright infringements and all.

For some additional information for the presbys, check out this booklet from the PCUSA titled: Discerning Your Call.

If you can wait until Thursday, we’ll have a special chat with Christine Vogel, our Dean of Students here at McCormick!

Until Thursday! Peace~Shelley D.

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