Greetings all you out there. Today,w e got to sit down with Jon Philips and pick his brain a bit. A few things to note about Jon: he loves Portlandia (IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT, YOUTUBE IT!), he’s a ginger and proud of it, and he’s also all about some peace.

So, who exactly are you?

Since being and artist and all, we decided to let Jon give us his interpretation of himself.

Hey everyone, happy April. I’m Jon Phillips, M.Div middler who enjoys cities, buildings, mountains, music, theology, RC Cola, striving for justice, and is fully rooted in a Cascadian social location. I’m also that guy who does entirely too much – including being the co-moderator of Eco-Justice, the Session representative for Peacemaking, an ally with Acts 10:15, intern at one of the coolest field sites McCormick works with, and yet I still somehow manage to pull off doing fairly well at M’Div work.

Why did you come to McCormick?

When my search for a seminary home was finally narrowed to two very good possibilities, the other being up in Canada, I visited IIM and had that feeling. You know, the one that says you’re supposed to move two time zones over and work on becoming a Sox fan. It is a feeling I’m grateful to have listened to, as I am precisely where I ought to be.

Who do you represent on Session?

I represent our Peacemaking group at McCormick. We are a loose collaborative of students here at MTS who have hearts for living into God’s justice down the street and across the globe. We assist other groups around the seminary, Hyde Park, and greater Chicago in doing acts of peacemaking. In actuality though, my representation of Peacemaking on Session is merely a front to cover for the clandestine activities I do for McCormick.

What’s your background? You know, what did you do before coming to McCormick?

My background is in architecture – I have a Master of Architecture and over seven years of experience practicing. I also served as an elder in my home congregation, and did a bit of missions and peacemaking work, some of it in Guatemala and Colombia. Perhaps the most important pieces of my background, however, involve my love for drawing and the mountains.

What is something that you’ve learned since coming here?

Never trust midwestern weather.

What’s one hope that you have?

That our seminary community will continue to grow into who we have the potential to be.

Well folks, that’s all for today. See you in the future!


Shelley D.

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