Welcome back all you McBloggers! We’re back and we’re in full swing. Most of us went different routes for the summer: some of us stayed in Chicago, some of us took jobs allover the US, some of us did CPE in various places. Either way, we’ve gathered together again for another school year. For the juniors (1st years), it means a new place, new home, new experiences, and new people! For the middlers (2nd years), there is field site (and for a few seniors as well). And for the seniors (3rd years), well, it’s senior year. This is it! Some of us are counting down the days (it’s somewhere around 250), until graduation on May 12th, 2012!

Here’s what you can expect from us this next semester:

*Pets! Pets! Pets! We’ve got some new furry friends that have now become part of the McCormick community and we want you to meet them! Look out for them on our Friday editions!

*Interview with Rev. Dr. Frank Yamada, McCormick’s newest President! He’s a cool guy. You’ll dig him. Promise.

*Some inter-seminary relations. We’ve gotten together with other blog writers with some of our sister seminaries here in Chicago on various topics and we’re proud to bring you some different viewpoints from the different denominations. If there’s something that you want to talk about or hear thoughts on, let us know!

*Student interviews. Who doesn’t love those. We’ll be bringing you more student interviews so you can hear all about them and all about why they came to McCormick!

*Alumni interviews! We’re tracking down some old McGraduates to let you see what it is they are doing now and how McCormick helped them get there!

* A follow-up interview with PCUSA General Assembly Moderator, Cynthia Bolbach.

*This year, we’ve teamed up with the Herald, McCormick’s student-run newspaper. It’s completely green (like us!) and between the two of us, we’ll keep you in the know! No yellow journalism here.

We’ll also be bringing you information about things happening at McCormick, the community and direct from the Office of Recruitment and Admissions. So, sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the school year! Until we meet again, check out a couple of photos from the Labor Day cookout at the Point!

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