Greetings all you McReaders. We’re still taking off here in 5460, things are running smoothly and we’re looking forward to what this year has in store for us. Now, instead of your usual Friday pet blog, we wanted to give you some heads ups about a few things.

First, Fourth Presbyterian Church in downtown Chicago will be hosting a 9/11 Interfaith Commemorative Service in conjunction with Chicago Sinai, the Downtown Islamic Center, and Holy Name Cathedral. The evening is intended to be a powerful evening of remembrance and hope as well as a chance to come together as a community. The service will be held Sunday, September 11th, at 7pm at Fourth Presbyterian Church which is located at 800 N. Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago. Check the website for more information.

Second, we’ve for some voting happening here at McCormick. In a few weeks, the first years are going to be voting for their Student Session and Student Deacons for their class. So get ready and start thinking about who you think would be a good person for this job!

Third, I need to introduce you to our latest contributor. Pigeon. Now, you might remember Pigeon from her interview a while back. Well, Pigeon and I were talking. She’s been a bit upset that I haven’t let her do much except for eat my backpacks, & clothes and use my bed as her own when I am in class or work, working to put food in her bowl. So, to ease the undue restlessness of Pigeon, she’ll be conducting the Friday interviews for our McPets here at McCormick. Don’t let her fool you. Shel might be blind, but she knows what she’s doing.

Look for us next week, same place!

Peace ~ Shelley D.

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