Greetings again all you McReaders. I pray that this day finds you well and ready to take on what’s in store for you. At 5460 S. University Ave., we’re into full swing with the Fall 2011 school year. We have a new batch of students and they’re pretty good lookin’, if I do say so myself. They come from all walks of life and from all kinds of places. They’re like those wildflowers you see on the side of the road, the ones when you’re driving you want to get out and pick but there’s a sign that says that you can’t because they’re part of some wildflower initiative to make the roads pretty. Honestly, there is no saving the stretch of I-65 between Louisville, KY and Indianapolis, IN pretty… I’ve driven it enough, I should know.
Nonetheless, those wildflowers are there, in all their glory. They are many colors, many sizes and shapes. Some are tall with no leaves to stand in as their arms, some are shorter and fatter that look almost like weeds. No matter what, they serve a greater purpose in making our highways beautiful, right? I mean, I’m sure that’s what God intended them for.

God Spilled the Paint,

Our student body is sort of like those wildflowers. Except we’re not here to make highways pretty, we’re here for the work God has called us to, and we’re all very different. Some of us get here kicking and screaming, others come quietly, and still others come with such excitement that no yellow submarine could hold it in. So, you ask, “what does this student body look like right now?” Well my readers, I have answers for you.
First off, denominations. McCormick is a PCUSA seminary. Meaning we are of the Presbyterian Church USA. We are of the reformed tradition, but we open our doors to all who seek to be a part of God’s community and who want to learn and engage. Our faculty and staff are of many denominations as well, but here’s a bit of a breakdown as to what our first year student body looks like:
PCUSA – The Presbyterian Church of the USA. This makes up approximately 35% of our student body for our incoming class.
PROK -The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea, approx. 7%.
PCK – The Presbyterian Church of Korea, approx. 13%
Apostolic – Approx. 6% of our incoming students.
Assemblies of God – Approx. 4%
Baptist – Approx. 2%
Church of South India – Approx. 2%
CRC – The Christian Reformed Church, approx. 2%
DOC – Disciples of Christ – Approx. 2%
ELCA – Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, approx. 2%
Interdenominational – Approx. 2%. Now I don’t have a website for you here, but you’re smart readers, you can search this one…
Methodist Episcopal – Makes up approx. 2% of our student body. Check out the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church as well as the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
Non-Denominational – Approx. 10% of the first year student body. Now, it’s non-denominational, which means we don’t have a website to give you, but let’s be honest, you’ll Wikipedia it anyways, so I’ll just go ahead and do it for you. Here.
Igelsia Presbiteriana de Columbia – Presbyterian Church of Columbia, approx. 2%
UCC – Approx. 2%
First, no. There numbers don’t exactly equal 100, but it’s pretty darn close. We don’t do decimals here at the CURE. But you get the point. Second, please remember this is only the new first year class. There are more of us from other areas in the other classes as well!
Now as far as age, you name the age, we’ve got it. We’ve got a few flowers fresh out of undergraduate, and we’ve got some second- and even third-career folks! You never know when God will come calling. Just like God embraces the wildflowers, we embrace all the different people that come our way to make God’s highway colorful. (You like that, right? Cheesy, I know. But you can’t blame me for it.)
Hopefully you’ve learned something new by checking out one of the links. If not, go do it. Now. You never know what you might have in common with someone else!
Be on the lookout for the first Pigeon’s Corner this Friday to meet the first of several new, furry friends here on campus. Also, our Dean of Students, Rev. Christine Vogel, will be joining us here on the blog to give us her take on things here at McCormick.
See you all soon!
Peace ~ Shelley D.

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