Greetings friends! I’m glad to be here writing to you about my fellow pets at McCormick! In case you haven’t met me yet, I’m Pigeon. I live in the Kimbark building with my human, Shelley who is a student at McCormick and runs this thing most days. I’m sure you’re wondering, “How on earth is Pigeon typing this? She has no pose-able thumbs!?” This is where the birds come in. The family of birds that live in our apartment, The Hiltons, type for me as I dictate. We’re working on their spelling abilities, so please bear with me. It’s not easy to educate birds…

So, this is my first posting for you all! Now, I’m sure now that we’ve moved on from the problem of thumbs you’re wondering, “who all is Pigeon going to interview?” Everyone. Well, any of those who fly, walk on all fours and other animals living in our community. I’m fine with other animals, such as cats. They are fine. I like them. They leave me alone and I eat their food. So, don’t be surprised that today, we have Bear, a very large cat who lives in the Kimbark building as well. She lives with Molly, the Min Pin. Without further ado, here’s the Bear.

Tell us your name and what breed you are.

I’m Effin’ Bubba Chicago Bear. The people call me a domestic short-haired cat, but I know I am the Mighty Soft Grey name you see up there. They think I’m a cat. I know I’m a bear!

Effin' Bubba Chicago Bear

Who are your humans?

Kathi, but I call her “food source” and “back scratcher” and “litter pan maintainer.” We both understand her role, and she performs her duties satisfactorily.

How did you come to get your humans?

Somehow I got away from my person and my GPS failed so I roamed around until another person caught me and took me to another person (these people are called Hyde Park Cats. I don’t know why because THEY ARE NOT CATS!!!), who let me live in their house until Kathi came to see me. I recognized that she would be appropriate to satisfy all the functions I needed, noted above, so I graciously agreed to let her take me to her house.

How do you like the living arrangements?

Entirely appropriate for a being of my nature. There is this little red colored thing I share the space with, I think she’s a dog–her name is Molly (what a goofy name for a dog!). At first she was beyond wild and so at first I simply exercised my superior intellect and capacities to stay out of her reach until she settled down. There may have been chemical agents involved in calming her, but I didn’t actually see them so…..Anyway, she has assumed her proper place in the household as well, and plays with me a bit when I invite her and otherwise remains quiet and leaves me alone. I get good food, the water is clean and plentiful and I get yogurt – a favorite – regularly. Sometimes, the human caretaker invites us, Molly and me, to play “chase the food bits”. It seems to give her great pleasure, so I agree to play. All in all, this is an entirely acceptable place to live.

Favorite place in the apartment?
In the windows. There are very many windows, and I have my choice. I particularly like the window that is near my feeder–I can sun, nibble, nap and watch the world. Very lovely, what!

Favorite treats?

Yogurt, cheese, chicken, hamburger, yogurt, bits of pita chips, the chase-able food bits, did I mention yogurt?

What do you think about being future preachers pets?

It will be fine as long as Kathi continues to tend to me in the manner to which I have become accustomed and Molly continues to show me the proper respect. By the way, what’s a preacher? And, for that matter, what’s a pet???

How many toys do you have in the apartment and which ones are your favorite?

I have a scratching post I am most fond of and Kathi has acquired for my pleasure a stick with a soft stretchy string for be to chase, tug on and chew. Quite lovely!!

Favorite way to pass the time?

Simply hanging out. I am a Bear of simple pleasures. Oh, and there is always chasing food bits with Molly.

Any words of wisdom you want to share with everyone?

Be kind to your food source. Whoever that may be!

Stay tuned for more pets and all that they have to say!

Peace and Paws~ Pigeon, the Blind Dog of McCormick

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