Greetings Readers!

I know, it’s a Monday. And you’re asking, “Why is the CURE posting on a Monday?’ Well, I have an answer for you Tomorrow, we’re hosting our very first virtual seminary tour of McCormick. Well, actually, all of the 10 major PCUSA seminaries are doing it as well.

Here’s the thing. As technology enhances, we have to enhance with it. I remember getting our first computer at my house as a kid and it was that big hunk of machine with the blinking green light. Then we evolved; we got better computers and games like Oregon Trail. Let’s be honest, if you went to school in the early 90′s, you died of typhoid or scarlet fever, atleast once. And as difficult as it seems, we’ve progressed yet again. We find ourselves with smart phones where we can check our e-mail, watch TV, and find an online date, all from our pocket-sized phones. Could you have imagined doing that on your old Zach Morris phone? Nope. You couldn’t. But now, you can. So, here are some basics about this virtual tour.

If you, or anyone you know is thinking about seminary, this is a great way to check it out and even chat with folks like me: all from the comfort of your own home office, studio, car, wherever you have something that resembles a computer! Maybe it will even work on your smart phone!

Also, at McCormick, we like to save trees. They are our friends. (No, I’m not some tree-hugger but I do realize the simple fact that without trees you and I would be unable to breathe.) So, we designed this super-sleek invitation, all online. So first, before reading any further, check it out, here. Once you’ve finished reading, come back!

Next, you register. That would be here. And don’t forget to come back yet again!

Ok, here’s the cool part. Once you’ve read the invitation and registered, on October 4th (tomorrow!), you’ll enter into the portal. Once there, it will look like you’re going down a hall with booths. Similar to a college fair, but with a twist (that is, you can wear your pajamas if you want!). You’ll see banners for each school and you simply click on the banner of the school you want information on. In each “booth,” you’ll be able to text chat with people like me, other students, as well as our awesome Recruitment and Admissions Director, Rev. JC Cadwallader and our Associate of Admissions and Recruitment, Jamie Wasowski.

Each seminary will also be hosting an hour where they will do a live video chat. McCormick’s live video chat will be from 12pm-1pm EST (11am-12pm Central). So not only can you chat online with us, we’ll even let you see our bright and shining faces. Mine might not be so bright and shining depending on whether or not I’ve had my coffee…

“Well, what else is there?” you ask. There will also be online brochures as well as other information and social media sites so you can learn more about each school you’re interested in.

What are you waiting for?! Click the links, get registered and ask us some questions! We like the tough ones.

That’s all for now! Until we meet again on Wednesday!

Peace~ Shelley D.

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