Greetings again my fellow furry, and non-furry friends alike! Today I’m excited to introduce you to my upstairs neighbor, Maddie. She stopped on our porch for a chat through the back door and I caught up with her and how she’s doing.

Tell us your name and what breed are you?

My name is Madeline. You can call me Maddie (it’s shorter). I am mostly yellow lab with a little something else thrown in. Mom likes to say that I am part lab and part crazy. :-) Don’t let that fool you.  I just really love life and get excited about things easily!

Who are your humans?

I only have one human right now, Kellie Griffin. I would be happy to adopt more!

How did you come to get your humans?

Kellie adopted me from the Cedar Valley Humane Society in Cedar Rapids, IA in August 2010.  The family I was living with before just dumped me and wandered around for a long time.  I didn’t have to stay at the humane society for very long though since mom came to get me. :-)

How do you like the living arrangements?

I love the living arrangements. Our apartment is nice and roomy.  There is plenty of space for me to play with my toys.

What’s your favorite place in the apartment?

That’s a tough one. I have a few places that I really love. The first one is on mom’s bed.  I could easily take up the whole thing, but mom won’t let me. I also really like sleeping on mom’s old comforter when it is on top of my dog bed. I spread it out across the living, and it’s great! I can see just about everything without ever having to get up.  Those new chairs are pretty good too.

What are your favorite treats?

Anything with cheese is fantastic! I also like Milkbones, Greenies, Pupcorn, and peanut butter.

How many toys do you have in the apartment and which ones are your favorite?

I have a bunch of toys (somewhere around here), but I can be pretty picky about my toys.  Only really play with about 4 of them.  My all-time favorite toy is a stuffed yellow ducky with a squeaker in his belly.  Squeaker toys are the very best!!! I can be kind of rough on the ducky though.  He’s got holes in his beak, belly, and feet.  I like taking out all his stuffing, but mom always puts it back in.   I think it’s about time for a new ducky! I also really like my Kong filled with peanut butter, my loofa dog (also missing his stuffing and full of holes), and my rope toy.

Favorite way to pass the time?

My favorite activities kind of depend on the time of year.  They all revolve around being outside though.  In the summer, I absolutely adore going swimming in Grandma & Grandpa’s pool.  Grandpa even built me a special ramp with floaties so I can get in and out more easily.  I could swim all day if they would let me! I always love going on walks, especially when there are squirrels out. I just love chasing squirrels.  In the winter, I like to play in the snow.  Last year when the blizzard came through Iowa, I had lots of fun pulling mom through the waist high snow banks.  I had a blast!!!

Any words of wisdom you want to share with everyone?

I am an incredibly friendly dog when it comes to being around humans.  However, I get pretty scared when I am around other dogs (of any size). I do best when I can just be people and not other pets.  I had kind of a rough life before I came to live with Kellie, and I am still trying to move past that.  Otherwise, I think I am a great pooch. I would love to meet all of you!!!

Well, there you have it. Another McCormick Pet, settling into her new home here in Chicago! Until next time!

Peace and PAWS!


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