Greetings McReaders. Well, the school semester is winding down here in 5460. We’re all finishing papers, projects, and planning for our travels to our respective homes for the holidays, wherever those might be. First year students are celebrating their triumphant success at finishing their first semester in seminary (trust me, it is no small feat); second years are still in the midst of their field sites probably thanking God for a break from school (I know I was); and the third years are job-hunting and and trying to finish strong, let’s be honest, most of us already have senioritis. It’s the natural progression of seminarians and your time in seminary. So, don’t be worried.

We’ve done a lot this year and there have been a lot of changes happening here that are new and exciting. Granted, there is some fear with all of those changes, but as a community, we work through them together; through the good, the bad, and the ugly. There have been new babies born, deaths of loved ones, birthdays, etc. And we’ve made it through another semester. So, what’s next?!

Beginning in the Spring semester, we’ll have a brand new edition to our blog family, Wes Pitts. You might have heard about him already. He’s a fellow Southerner and a pretty darn good cook, he works in student admissions and he’s the proud human of Norae and Sunae, who you met earlier in the year on Pigeon’s corner. He’ll be bringing us Friday’s blog. So check him out and let him know what you think! Until then, as you study for finals, bake your Christmas cookies, light the candles in your windowsills, bundle up in anticipation of the snow that Chicago somehow forgot it was supposed to have by now, and turn in those papers, I leave you with this: one of the best versions of the Christmas story I’ve ever heard.

Happy Holidays and we’ll see you in the New Year!

The Christmas Story – As Told by Children


Shelley D.

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