Greetings all you fellow McCormick lovers! It begins: Spring Semester 2012! Many students have just come off of their J-Term classes but we are ready to go. We’re not going to overwhelm you with things today, but we are going to let you know what’s going on here! Below, you’ll find some helpful information of things taking place at McCormick, in the Office of Student Affairs, on the Blog, and opportunities for folks.

Lilly 2012 Summer Discernment Institute now accepting applications!

We’re had some McCormick folks attend this in the past and it’s always promising! Check out the recently released information from the Lilly Foundation, think it over, and get your application in!

The Lilly Summer Discernment Institute is now accepting applications from undergraduate students at colleges and universities across the nation interested in exploring careers in ministry and/or service for the summer.  The program, which has space for twelve students, will run from June 4 – July 28, 2012.  All applications are due by March 1, 2012 and must be submitted on-line.  To learn more about the program and to apply, please visit

Students interested in exploring vocations in ordained ministry or service with non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply for the eight-week  program which offers a $2400 stipend for work in their chosen internship. Students spend the first week at Sewanee (June 4 – 8th) engaged in activities that help prepare them for their six-week internship. They return back to Sewanee for a final week of reflection and sharing of their experience (July 23 – 28).

Past internships have been in parishes, shadowing clergy, leading youth ministry, studying monastic life, working with disabled adults and children,  the homeless, rural medical care, orphanages, refugee assimilation and more. Over 200 students from more than fifty colleges and universities have  participated in the program which began in 2002 through a grant from the Lilly Foundation. A number of these students go on to complete divinity and  graduate theological programs, work as youth ministers or in lay positions in churches, serve as teachers, or continue to work in non-profits and  medicine.

The Summer Discernment Institute is becoming widely recognized throughout the Episcopal Church as a highly useful discernment tool for men and women of college age who are considering a call to ordained ministry. The Pastoral Leadership Search Effort (PLSE) of the Episcopal Church recognizes that this internship program provides a unique opportunity for students to work in parish and other organizational environments and obtain a firsthand   understanding of what a life of active ministry entails. Ordained ministry discernment is open to students of all denominations.

Applications for the 2012 Lilly Summer Discernment Institute will be due by March 1, 2012. IMPORTANT NOTE: Students may nominate their own placements.  Students in all four years of college, including seniors, are encouraged to apply.  For more information about this program, go to, email, or call 931.598.1869.

Classes, Classes, Classes

This semester, we’ve got an awesome round of classes happening. We’ll be bringing you interviews with students, faculty and the educational assistants on some of the incredible classes that are happening here so you can have a taste of what’s going to be coming your way!

Wes Pitts is: Barbara Walters (if Barbara Walters had a beard)

Wes Pitts, our newest addition to the CURE, is going to be hunting down students, faculty, staff and even strangers on the CTA to find out what life around here is really like. He’ll be checking in with some of the student groups on campus, interviewing faculty, and he;ll be bringing you a special spring edition of the CURE: Neighborhood Spotlight. You haev to stay tuned for that one.

The Editor has to do something, right?!

Now, as your editor, I love this blog. It’s like a fat little baby that you nurture into a child. Then, into a screaming teenager, and hopefully on into adulthood. Now that I’ve got Wes helping around, it’s time that I let his maternal instincts take over. I’ll still be working behind the scenes, editing, writing, and hounding people for information. But, alas, I am graduating on May 5, 2012. I’ll still be bringing you lots of information like, covering Frank Yamada’s Inauguration, some book reviews of the clergy and non-clergy type, Faculty Search updates as we look for some new spots to fill, and information for prospective students, like out upcoming Inquiry Into Ministry that’s happening this weekend!

Speaking of IIM this weekend, check out this little ditty that we put together for your enjoyment about some of the reasons that students choose: Why McCormick?

Guest Writers

This semester, we want you to hear directly from our students, not just through an interview. So we’re going to hand over the keyboard to them and let them have their way! You’ll get to hear their voices and thoughts, just as they are.

Christine’s Corner

Rev. Dr.Christine Vogel is back with her take on things! She;ll be appearing here and there with her thoughts on things that are going on in the world of the church!

Did you know we have a Doctorate of Ministry here?!

Well, if you didn’t then you will! We’ll be checking in with Jeff, Martha, and Regina, Deb, and the DMin students on what’s going on with the program and how the students are doing!

So, are you interested yet? I hope so. If you have things you want to hear about or read up on, shoot us an e-mail at

Look for Wes on Thursday with his take on Different Drummers! Until then, ciao McReaders!

~Shelley D.

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