Good afternoon all you McReaders! We’ve had quite the excitement here at McCormick finishing our first week of classes and also hosting some perspective students over the weekend. We ate, talked about vocation and call, ate, talked about what ministry is, ate, and then we took them through the city of Chicago to eat more. Yes, friends, it was an exciting weekend. If you follow us on twitter, or are friends with us on Facebook, then you’ve gotten to see some of the things that have been going on. But, just in case you missed anything, here’s a little photographic recap.


First, we kicked things off with a stellar worship service lead by McCormick Senior, Megan Cochran.

Senior, Megan Cochran, preaches on the book of Ester and listening for silence.

Next, we moved into a welcome and introduction with soon-to-be-inagurated President, Frank Yamada.

President Frank Yamada welcomes our prospective students to McCormick.

Next, we moved into our programming for the evening. We chatted and talked about vocation and discernment.

JC moving us into "what exactly is vocation and call?"

We polished off the night with dinner for the prospectives, cooked by some of our very own wonderful students!Then we called it a night so we could do it all over again tomorrow!


Breakfast was served and Tabitha came in to chat with us about just what goes on with the financial side of things when it comes to seminary.

Tabitha saying, "Show me the money!"

Next, Deb Kapp gave a presentation on Urban Ministry and the possibilities that lie in wait for students in the city of Chicago. it’s your own living laboratory for ministry!

Deb Kapp explaining urban ministry and Chicago as our "living laboratory!"

But not before we enjoyed some delicious doughnuts from Chicago’s own Doughnut Vault in the west loop.

Fresh ginger doughnuts from the Doughnut Vault in the west loop.

Next, we moved into some mini classes with some of our professors here at McCormick and we finished off the morning with moving into lunch: Kim chi for all!

Professor Ted Hiebert teaching a mini-class.

Students dig into Korean food for lunch!

After lunch, we did some spiritual practices with Sergio, one of our first year, MDiv students.

Making artwork about answering our call.

Next, we got to hear from a panel of faculty on why they taught at McCormick and then from our panel of students about their time there and advice for those discerning ministry.

Dr. Joanne Lindstom, Dr. Sharon Ellis-Davis, and Dr. Bob Cathey.

Student Panel.

We closed it all out with some finishing touches and then, of course, worship. Is there any other way to end?

Closing out worship services.

Whew! Well, that was a whirl-wind!

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