When we last spoke, dear readers, McCormick was poised for a much needed Christmas break. Well, Christmas has come and gone, as has our January term. Now that Spring semester has begun, CURE is back to write fun and informative articles about life as a student at McCormick. We’ll still update approximately twice a week!

A lot has been afoot since December that I am excited to tell you about! One of the most exciting pieces of news is that we have decided to give a 25% tuition discount to students who apply, are accepted and matriculate in Fall 2013. Details can be found here. To be sure you qualify, contact your admissions representative or admissions staff, Jamie and JC.

We’re also very pleased to announce that we have planned additional opportunities for prospective students to visit and get the McCormick experience. Not only will we have our Inquiry into Ministry weekend as usual, but two additional Evenings of Discernment. With the difficult schedules that many of us have, we understand a full weekend is not possible for everyone, but you still want to visit and meet with students and faculty. During our Evenings of Discernment, you will attend a 3 hour session, inclusive of dinner, that will cover an introduction to our Masters Level classes, a panel of professors, and a mini class experience. Evenings of Discernment is also a free program! And as always, we have rooms available in our guest housing for any out of town guests!



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