Professor Ted Hiebert and I arrived at the New Life Presbyterian Church in Albuquerque, NM on the crisp and sunny morning of February 1, 2013.  We were greeted by two smiling faces – two friendly faces that greeted us with a ‘welcome home’ look, not just a ‘good morning stranger’ look.  They were McCormick alums – one from the D.Min class of 2006 and one from the M.Div class of 1949 and the day ahead of us would prove to be a time of nourishing connections among colleagues in the area and rejuvenation through exciting scholarship.

In 2012, McCormick Theological Seminary conducted a survey of its alums and there was a consistent craving expressed among the voices – to have a taste of McCormick without having to travel to Chicago.  McCormick listened to the need and a partnership initiative of the Office of Alumni/ae Relations and the Offices of Recruitment and Admissions (Masters and Doctorate Levels) was created – McCormick in Motion.

We know that working pastors, like those in most other professions, have busy schedules and little time to take away from vocational or familial responsibilities.  So we want to meet folks where they are. McCormick in Motion is an opportunity to bring a taste of McCormick across the US – to provide a continuing education opportunity, to make time to network with colleagues in the region and to catch up on the happenings of life at McCormick Theological Seminary.  But, to be clear, McCormick In Motion events are not just for alums – in fact, these events are for everyone – prospective students, colleagues in the region, whomever has interest in the topic!

Our time in Albuquerque was wonderful – meeting prospective students, re-connecting with colleagues in the area and engaging in fascinating scholarship.  We trust that our events in Rochester, NY and Philadelphia, PA will be equally as successful – your presence will help make it so!

Our next event will be on March 15, 2013 in Rochester, NY at the Third Presbyterian Church.  Visit our website if you are interested in attending and register online.  Professor Melody Knowles will be presenting her latest scholarship on The Psalms and Gender.

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