Hi friends,

It’s time that I, Norae, take the controls of CURE over from Wes and introduce you all to the amazing four-legged folks at McCormick. Up this time: Thumper Lily Goldfish!

Thumper Lily Goldfish

Norae: Tell us your name and breed?

Thumper: My name is Thumper.  Well, Thumper Lily Goldfish.  My human is only responsible for “Thumper.”  Something about being playful and looking like a gray rabbit sometimes.  My foster mom gave me a middle name and Goldfish is more like an alias.  You can call me Thumper.  I am a gray tabby cat.

N: Who is your human?

T: My human is Lora Burge.  I let her stay in MY apartment and she feeds and pets me.

N: How did you get her?

T: That is a funny story.  I’ve lived with a few humans; all linked to seminaries in fact.  What can I say, I’m only drawn to especially smart humans!  When I was little, a few years ago, I showed up on my first human’s porch in an awful snow storm.  It’s scary being a little and alone in a few feet of snow!  So he took me in.  Then my second human took care of me for awhile and thought I was pretty cool.  She convinced my first human that I should live with her.  What can I say, I’m an amazing cat and everyone wants me to grace their home.  I had to live with my foster parents and their lovely cats for awhile but it was ok and they took good care of me.  Now I’m back with my second human again and we have a good time.

N: What’s your favorite place to be in your apartment?

T: My chair in the window.  It’s sunny and warm and I can watch the birds out the window.

Thumper lookin' out the window

N: What’s your favorite place out of your apartment?

T: I don’t much love going outside.  I rule the apartment–why would I want to go outside?  Though sometimes I like to make a run for it.  Sadly, I get stuck in the hallway and haven’t figured out how to get any further.

N: What are you favorite treats?

T: I liiiikkkee treats.  Can you bring me some?  I like the tasty green ones.  And sometimes the little chewy chicken ones.

N: What do you prefer: wet or dry food?

T: Dry food.  What is wet food?  I’m a very thirsty cat though.  My human gets annoyed sometimes because after I drink my face and chest are pretty wet and then it leaves spots on her papers.  She doesn’t want to pet me when I am dripping for some reason.  Small price to pay for a good drink of water.

N: How many toys do you have? Which are you favorites?

T: How do you define toy?  I have some of my own:  a few mice and some balls for me to chase around.  But I like to climb in bags.  And books and papers are fun.  I don’t understand why my human doesn’t want me to play with those and lay on the warm thing with keys that make fun noises and a bright thing that I can rub up against.  Also, I like to hang off things hanging on the walls and doorknobs–I’ve been known to open or close a door on occasion.

The simple joys of sleeping on books

N: How else do you like to spend your days?

T: Sleeping, playing, climbing on things, and things I don’t want to admit to my human. I also love watching “Plaza Sesamo” on Saturday morning with my human.

Thumper enjoying Saturday morning educational programming

N: What is something everyone should know about you?

T: I am known to some as a catdog because sometimes I act like a dog.  When my human comes home (and a few other select humans), I run to greet her.  Apparently, dogs do that.  I do it to get extra pets and treats.  Whatever.  It’s worth it.

N: Final words of wisdom?

T: Nap as much as you can.  Play and eat in between.  If needed, lay on your human’s books, papers and tables to get plenty of attention and treats.  That’s about it.

There you have it folks! See you next time!

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