We at McCormick are pretty busy – we’re in classes, some of us work full or part time, some of us have families, and then there’s church. We work hard. But we also play hard. Once a week we set time aside to forget about all the stress of our daily lives to come together for a time of fellowship and fun - Study Breaks.

Study Breaks are put on by Residence Life, but they’re not just for residents. Even the Board of Trustees comes and hangs out when they’re in town. Study Break is a time for us all to get together and have fun. Each week has a different theme – in the middle of winter, when we were all so very tired of the cold, we had a beach party, we recently had a St. Patrick’s Day party, etc. We have lots of food, soft drinks and beer. Sometimes we play video games, sometimes we have dance parties, sometimes we watch movies, and sometimes we just relax with one another.

St. Patrick's Day Fun

More St. Patrick's Day Fun!

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