Senior student Peter Shin led us in worship this week entitled, “May Day.” The worship began with songs of praise and then Peter offered us a reflection on Matthew 14:13-21, where Jesus fed thousands from the offering of a little boy’s food. Peter connected the story to Korean missionaries, saying that God used their one small life to encourage a movement of the Korean people to where they are today–home to the largest churches in the world. Peter likewise encouraged us to allow our one small life to be available to Jesus. As it was May 1st, Peter also told us about the history behind the French derivative of the distress call Mayday, ”venez m’aider” meaning “come help me.” Oh this May Day, may we be a source of rest and comfort for those who need simple bread and fish.

After the prayers of the people, Rev. Dr. Deborah Kapp presided over the Eucharist, which was served in a traditional Korean American setup. Ushers served us from plates, and afterward we enjoyed Thai food together for our weekly community meal.