Here are some blogs that you might find fun and useful. Some are written by alums, current students, faculty, staff, and some are simply just great blogs that we like to keep up to date with! Also, you’ll find some of our sister blogs from other seminaries within Chicago. We like them so we hope that you will too!

Taste and See – The Lutheran School of Chicago’s Blog, run by students. Just like ours!

Revy Kevy’s Corner – A blog written by one of our Doctorate students, Kevin.

The Travelling Theologian – Yep, that’s 2 l’s. That would be the personal blog of yours truly (Shelley D.). I use this to keep people back home updated on things and for my own rantings and ravings. I also like to do worship material reviews when I get a minute to read something other than Koine Greek.

State of Formation - One of our Alums, Honna Eichler (MDiv Class of 2010), is a contributor.

Posts from the Blog of an (un)Tamed Cynic – This blog isn’t from an Alum or a current student, but it is the blog on one very cool youth minister! Rev. John Vest serves as the youth minister for Fourth Presbyterian Church here in Chicago and he is also a student in McCormick’s Doctorate of Ministry program. He’s a pretty cool guy and runs a pretty awesome blog. It has sermons, musings and some other interesting thoughts. You should check it out!

Nesting in Beirut - One of our amazing professors, Dr. Bob Cathey, a very well traveled man, keeps this blog up and going. It’s pretty interesting and well worth reading!

the View from 2040 – McCormick’s 10th President, Frank Yamada runs this blog. Check in regularly for updates and thoughts from Frank!

Stepanana’s Stumbles – One of our student written blogs!

achurchforstarvingartists – Rev. Jan Edminston, Associate Executive Presbyter for Chicago. She shares her wisdom about what it means to be church, about what it means to be a pastor, and creative ways that the church can redirect itself towards Jesus Christ.

Still Waters – From McCormick Alum, Rev. Theresa Cho is a pastor in San Francisco and is currently serving as their moderator there. She talks about life as a Korean-American pastor and mother.