Alum Survey
In February, the Office of Alumni/ae Relations sent out a survey to all the alums for which we had email addresses to gain feedback on how alums stay connected to the seminary and to one another, as well as how McCormick might improve its relationship with alums. You may see a list of the questions and an overview of some responses below.

We were thrilled to have a response of 265 out of 1,500. (In the survey world, that’s not too shabby.) Our final question invited participants to ask a question of the seminary. We received 117 questions ranging from questions about the future of the seminary to how McCormick is preparing seminarians for ministry in a rapidly changing world. Over the course of the year, we will begin to answer these questions. You may view the first response, given by President Frank Yamada. Check back monthly for updates. If you have follow up questions or comments, feel free to send them directly to

Survey Questions
Note: Not everyone responded to every question.

1. To enable McCormick to have up-to-date information on each alum, please provide your name, address, telephone, email, and current position.

2. Please indicate your degree(s)/year(s) of graduation from McCormick.
Doctor of Ministry – 22%
Master of Divinity – 61%
Other Master Degree – 8%
Bachelor of Divinity – 10%
Other: 2%

3. What is your race/ethnicity?
Latin@ – 2%
African or African American – 6%
Asian or Asian American – 6%
Caucasian – 83%
Prefer not to answer – 2%

4. McCormick seeks to stay connected with alums. Please indicate any of the ways that you have maintained connection with McCormick:
McCormick Days – 35%
Regional gatherings (i.e. General Assembly, conferences) – 30%
Facebook (friending the “McCormick AlumDirector”) – 17%
Facebook (liking the “McCormick Theological Seminary” page) – 21%
Twitter (@mccormicksem) – 2%

5. McCormick seeks to offer support and resources for alums. Please indicate any of the services/resources that you have taken advantage of since graduating:
Continuing Education Events – 32%
Certificate Programs (i.e. Executive / Environmental Leadership) – 3%
Job board – 5%
Access to the American Theological Library Association database* – 13%
Access/Use of the seminary library – 14%
*Several individuals have asked about how to access the A.T.L.A. database. You may do so by contacting librarian Barry Hopkins at or 773-256-0738

6. McCormick seeks to connect alums with one another. Please indicate any of the ways that you have stayed connected with other alums:
McCormick Days – 25%
Regional Gatherings (i.e. General Assembly, conferences) – 28%
Alumni/ae blogs – 9%
Staff/faculty presentations (at churches, regional meetings) – 19%
Continuing Education – 13%

7. Are there other ways you think McCormick should resource alums and/or create connections? (72 responses)

8. Have you ever given financially to McCormick?
Yes – 76%
No – 20%

9. If you had one sentence to describe McCormick, what would it be? (204 responses)

10. If you could ask one question of McCormick, what would it be? (117 responses)
The most frequently asked questions will be featured in monthly responses on this blog.
• How is McCormick’s financial situation?View President Yamada’s response.