Tuesday, March 22

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.
- John 4:43-54 (excerpt)

How many times have you put conditions on God before you would believe or trust?  Have you ever said, “God, if you would just (fill in the blank) for me then I will never doubt that you are real”?  Or, “God, if you will take away this challenge (fill in the blank) for me then I will quit (fill in the blank)”?  As much as we may not like it, we each do exactly what the official did with Jesus in today’s Scripture reading at different times in our lives because there is something in our lives that is causing us pain and we want God to fix things so the pain will go away.

One of the hardest challenges for Christians is to have faith in God’s provision when things happen that are horrible … like the severe illness or death of a child, a spouse or loved one; a lost job or house; a divorce; a church split.  Like the official, we want a sign that God is paying attention to our pain and will help fix whatever is wrong.  As we move through whatever God’s answers to our prayers will be, our hope has to remain founded in the words Jesus spoke to the official, we will live.  Through Jesus, God promises that one day our tears will be wiped away, our broken hearts will be mended, and our souls will be released from our limited earthly bodies to live in heaven.  Hold fast to God’s promise and trust God to provide for you as a child who is dearly loved.

Holy God, thank you for your grace, mercy and unfailing love.  Help me to have the faith of a child and to trust in your provision even when the challenges and pain I am faced with seem like they will overwhelm me.  You promised to never leave or forsake me and I trust in your promise.  Amen.

Jody Noble received her MDiv from McCormick in May 2010.  She currently serves as the part-time Stated Pastor for Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Schererville, IN, and as a part-time Development Assistant at McCormick.