Thursday, March 31

Thursday March 31, 2011

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. – John 8:36 NIV

So many times, when things go wrong in our lives, we feel defeated.  We think “not again”, and we get into a constant cycle of feeling sorry for ourselves.  Our reflections turn towards past failures and past defeats, rather than focusing on past triumphs.  At this moment in our lives, we become slaves to our circumstances; our habits, our attitudes, and our emotions become controlled by our present circumstance.  God doesn’t want you to live that way.

In trying times, we need a renewed perspective.  In Psalms 126, the author gives us an example of how to properly realign our focus.  The Israelites realized that even though God had delivered them before (II Kings 19), they were still in constant need of His help and deliverance.  In II Kings 19, God proved to the Israelites that He heard their prayer by sending His angel to protect them by killing an army of 185,000 Assyrians who wanted to battle them.

So many times, God proves to us that He is a necessity in our lives and that we need His constant help, yet we fail to look to Him. We need to learn to keep our focus on the Lords mighty work, rather than placing our focus elsewhere. (Matthew 14:28-32)

When we face difficult times, there are a few things that we need to remember to keep us focused on the Lord and free from the entrapments of circumstance. Firstly, we have to remember that God loves us. Secondly, we have to remember that his love for us compels him to do miraculous things on our behalf. (John 3:16) And lastly, we must remember, as the author did in Psalms 126, to use our past deliverance as a testimony to the deliverance God will perform in our present situation.

Dear Lord, You are my all-knowing God. You know all of the details of my circumstances. Lord, forgive me for forgetting the love that you have shown me in the past by way of deliverance. Thank you for all that you have done in my life. I know you want the best for me, and that you are more than capable of handling any situation I may face. You told me in your word that you would supply all my needs according to your riches and glory. Lord, where I am deficient, I know you are sufficient. Help me to keep a heart of thanksgiving, and to have faith that you will do what you have always done – love me. Amen.

Theresa Gordon