Tuesday, April 19

Tuesday April 19, 2011
The Lord’s counsel is for those who fear Him, and His pact He makes known to them. My eyes at all times to the Lord, for He draws my feet from the net.

- Psalm 25: 14-15 (excerpt) from The Book of Psalms, trans. by Robert Alter

Whether through our own insight or being confronted by another – we are often the most open to instruction when we are painfully aware of our own sin.

In Seeing the Psalms, William Brown reminds us that this psalmist pleads for instruction and remembers God’s past saving acts. This psalmist repents and awaits God’s moral instruction, confident of God’s continued care and protection. This image of being drawn from the net is poignant.

Lent provides time for thought-provoking promenades through memory lane. Opportunities to delve into: our proclivity toward sinful groaning and guilt, our desire to not experience shame and our resulting panicky insistence for instruction in God’s ways.

Again, I find myself wanting in the area of moral character. The sudden awareness of my guilt is evidenced in the immediate rush of blood, hot embarrassment and consequent plea for forgiveness. Is it amazing to you, as it is to me, how the body cannot hide guilt? Physiological reactions color me grateful to God for drawing me from the net, for God’s instruction … again and again.

Let us go forth with confidence and open hearts that God will provide salvation as well as offer to penetrate and reshape our moral character.

Loving God, thank you for your past guidance and for your future saving acts of kindness. Let all who hope in You be not ashamed. Amen.

Katie Miller is a fifth-year senior in the M. Div program at McCormick.