Lent Devo CoverThank you for finding your way to McCormick’s 2011 Lenten Devotional. Perhaps you are a newcomer to this resource or maybe you are a returning reader. Whether you stay only a day or take up residence in these pages for the duration of the season, we are honored by your presence.

McCormick’s series of seasonal devotionals is one of the highlights of community life. It accomplishes what is often difficult in the hierarchical world of higher education: It gathers the various thoughts, theologies, and personal experiences of alumni/ae, students, faculty, and staff in one place. And in that place, we are challenged, affirmed, provoked and stimulated by one another’s attempts to engage the living Word.

Our thanks go to all of the participants for their creativity and commitment, but also to two individuals in particular: Adam Delezenne, for whom this is the final devotional as our colleague in the Office of Communications. He has brought these devotionals new life online, expanded their exposure considerably, and enriched most every page with his photography. Alicia Leonardi once again performed the lion’s share of the initial editing and offered several reflections of her own where and when they were needed most. Sincere thanks to you both.

This Devotional will be available in three forms.

It is our hope that reading these devotions become a rich practice for you this season