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Become an SBI Partner

Become a McCormick Solidarity Building Initiative (SBI) program sponsor!

Join us and help create an ecosystem of beloved communities that mitigate the numerous material, social, and political barriers impacting individuals who are incarcerated and their communities while incarcerated and upon release.

As a McCormick SBI partner, your financial contribution will provide resources for intellectual and spiritual growth for flourishing McCormick SBI Certificate students detained at Cook County Department of Corrections.

Your support offer resources to help students survive their current social location and helps empower them for the workforce or post-secondary education upon release. We are grateful!

Giving Opportunities:

Support a Cohort

Support a cohort of SBI Certificate Students at Cook County Jail of two (2) course certificates for up to 20 students in 2021.

  • Sponsor 6 students $9,000
  • Sponsor 1 student $1,500

Support the purchase of course materials

  • Sponsor 6 students course supplies* $600.00
  • Sponsor 1 students course supplies* $100.00

*McCormick SBI purchases books, supplies and provides an end of course celebration package (which includes hygiene products, toiletries and devotional readings) to each student enrolled in the certificate program.

Support Public Advocacy Education*

  • Public Education Conversation $250.00 - $1,00.00
  • Book Conversation Series $1,500.00
  • Communal Healing Series $1,500.00
  • Teach-in $1,500.00


About the Certificate Program

The McCormick SBI Certificate program provides individuals, women and men, detained in program tiers at Cook County Department of Corrections with the opportunity to earn a 2-part non-credit bearing introductory certificate in theological education. Certificate courses intentionally provide students in the carceral classroom with practical theological education. Students are exposed to a range of interdisciplinary resources and pedagogical practices directed at personal, professional and social transformation.  Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute reported in their study Recovery: Job Growth and Requirements Through 2020 that by 2020, “65 percent of all jobs in the economy will require postsecondary education and training beyond high school."  Certificate courses offered by McCormick provide concrete material value to students beyond the jail classroom, and will provide value to them upon reentry. Moreover, a study conducted by the World Economic Forum reported that the most important human skills in 2022 for the workforce will include critical thinking and analysis, complex problem solving, leadership and social influence, emotional intelligence, and active learning and learning strategies.

McCormick courses and extra-curricular learning opportunities assist students in developing skills of critical analysis, problem solving, social analysis, community building, and emotional intelligence. Students are encouraged to dialogue with, and ask hard questions of, the authoritative sources we study--whether that authority is Scripture or the scholars we read.  The aim is to offer resources that may help students survive their current social location or support them as they move back to their old neighborhoods and prepare them for workforce or post-secondary education upon release from jail or prison.  

For additional information and questions, please contact Lisa Dagher ( or 773-947-6320).

To become a program sponsor, visit, select the Solidarity Building Initiative Fund, and in the comments indicate the sponsorship options you are supporting. 

* covers the cost for speaker honoraria