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Case-Winters, Anna

Rev. Dr. Anna Case-Winters, Professor of Theology at McCormick Seminary, joined the faculty in 1986. She is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and has served the wider church in many capacities, particularly in ecumenical relations. For two terms she was Chair for Christian Unity for the PCUSA and exercised leadership in dialogues with Lutheran, Anglican, and Roman Catholic communions. Dr. Case-Winters has also served the global church through the work of the World Communion of Reformed Churches. For ten years she moderated the Theology Committee for the Caribbean and North American area, for six years she Co-Chaired the International Commission for Lutheran and Reformed Relations, and she is currently serving as Moderator of Mission and Ecumenism.

In 2017 Prof. Case-Winters served as Theology Consultant for the World Communion sharing in preparations for the 2017 General Council and Commemoration of the Reformation Jubilee. She was on the drafting team that wrote the statement of Reformed Association with the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification which affirms that Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and Reformed now share “a common understanding of our justification by God’s grace through faith in Christ.” A second document Dr. Case-Winters helped to write is the Wittenberg Witness, an agreement between the World Communion of Reformed Churches and the Lutheran World Federation, which acknowledges the tragedy of a divided church and commits to exploring new ways to express the communion shared in Christ. Both documents were signed with the ecumenical partners in Wittenberg, Germany last year, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

In 2018, Prof. Dr. Case-Winters and Prof. Reggie Williams received a major grant from the Science for Seminaries initiative sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. They have led the faculty in continuing education in science engagement and have redesigned the Introduction to Theology Course and the Introduction to Ethics course to include engagement with science in theological/ethical studies.

Prof. Case-Winters is has research interests and publications in several areas: traditional theology engaging with contemporary issues, theological contributions of Reformed tradition, the religion and science dialogue, open and relational theologies, and theologies attending to global, ecumenical, ecological issues.

God’s Power: Traditional Understandings and Contemporary Challenges (Westminster/John Knox)
Reconstructing a Christian Theology of Nature: Down to Earth (Ashgate)
Matthew: A Theological Commentary (Westminster/John Knox) God will be All in All: Implications of the Incarnation (forthcoming)

Recent Articles
“Incarnation: In What Sense is God Really “With Us”? European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, vol. 11, no. 1 Spring 2019.
“Coming Down to Earth: A Process-Panentheist Reorientation to Nature,” Conceiving an Alternative: Philosophical Resources for an Ecological Civilization, eds. David Conner and Demian Wheeler. Claremont, CA: Process Century Press, 2019.
“The Doctrine of the Church,” Oxford Handbook of Presbyterianism, eds. Paul Kemeny and Gary Scott Smith, 2018.
“Reflections on Providence and Prayer in an Age of Science,” Touchstone (Canadian Theological Journal), June 2018. “The Doctrine of the Church,” Oxford Handbook of Presbyterianism, eds. Paul Kemeny and Gary Scott Smith, 2018.
“The Unfinished Business of the Reformation: Commemoration and Continuation,” McCormick Notes, June 2018.
“Living God, Renew and Transform US,” Living God Renew and Transform Us, World Communion of Reformed Churches, Book for General Council 2017.
“Sola Scriptura: Then and Now” Reformed World, Volume 66.1.
“Ecclesia Reformata Semper Reformanda: Our Misused Motto,” (by invitation) republished in Kerygma from prior publication in Presbyterians Being Reformed, Robert Bullock, ed. Geneva Press: Louisville, KY, 2004. (Republished 2017)

B.A., Agnes Scott College
M.Div., Columbia Theological Seminary
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

T 300 Introduction to Christian Theology
T/H 402 Reformed Tradition
T 412 Doctrine of God
T 430 God, Suffering, and Evil
T-449 God and Nature
T 400 Religion and Science
T 431 Process Theology
T/H/E 610 The Church in the World Today
T 445 The Unity of the Church

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