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McCormick Seminary continues to monitor the developments regarding COVID-19. Download the most up-to-date guidance from the Chicago Department of Public Health specifically for schools and faith-based organizations. Please review this important information.

As you have seen in news reports and as we all anticipated, new cases of the virus are growing and are now much closer to home, including two elderly persons who are being treated at Northwest Community Hospital in suburban Arlington Heights. Here in our own neighborhood of Hyde Park, we had some good news and a cautionary lesson last night when we learned a patient at the U of C Hospital reported to have the virus has, in fact, tested negative for COVID-19. News reports throughout the day suggested that the patient had been infected which, thankfully, was not the case.

President Crawford noted in a reflection shared with the community last summer that we are bombarded daily with news reports written and delivered to promote our fears. We are asked, as leaders—-each of you in this community and beyond--to lean into and upon your faith and not your fears. Your strength and your faith are also contagious. We should not ignore reality; to the contrary, know the facts and take appropriate protective measures (e.g., wash hands thoroughly and regularly, stay home if you believe you are sick with a cold or flu, call your doctor if you are running a persistent fever and follow your doctor’s recommendations.) But, please do not let fear run your lives. Together, with knowledge and prayer and support of one another, we will get through this.

With that in mind, McCormick is creating a special working group to develop and coordinate our responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. The following faculty, staff, and students have been invited to assist in this effort:

Dean Steed Davidson
Vice President Nannette Banks
Associate Dean Jenny McBride
Assistant Dean David Watkins
Registrar Chandra Wade
Coordinator-OSA Thehil Singh
Coordinator-Alum Relations Richard Mayo
Coordinator-Academic Affairs Center Priscilla Rodriquez
Director of Administration Natasha Gaines
Administration & Facilities Monica Williams
Director Information Technology Barbara Fassett
Special Projects Librarian Emily Pulver
Student LaTonja Ellis
Student Renee Goodson
Affiliate Faculty Daesung Kim
Assistant to the President Joyce Leachman

A subset of this group will be designated to coordinate our efforts and communications with those of our friends at LSTC. President Crawford is grateful to all those who will be assisting directly and indirectly as we navigate the days, weeks, and months ahead. Once this group has met they will establish and share with you plans for communication, contingencies, and coordination of effort. Expect that we will all have to be prepared to make adjustments in our lives. Creativity and flexibility will be important tools in our toolkit. As we pray for our daily bread, let us remember to be grateful each day and embrace with resolve the challenges and opportunities ahead.