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Hunt Prize for Outstanding Doctor of Ministry Thesis

The John Randall Hunt Prize for Outstanding Doctor of Ministry Thesis and Academic Record was established by Faith Presbyterian Church of Cape Coral, FL, in honor of their pastor, John Randall Hunt. It is awarded each year to the graduating McCormick student or students in any of its Doctor of Ministry programs who have achieved the highest level of excellence as expressed by their academic work and Thesis in the Practice of Ministry.

We offer these theses here to highlight the good work happening in the Doctor of Ministry programs and to offer them as vital resources for the church at large.

Please also visit the JKM Library to access the wide variety of McCormick thesis articles available in our holdings. 

Hunt Prize Winners 2011-2020

Title: A Celebration of God's Presence: Preaching in Extraordinary Times
Author: Kristin Philipson
Year: 2020

Title: Conversations That Matter: Soul-Nourishing Space for Mid-Adult Faith Formation (25-50 Years Old) within the Congregation
Author: Georgia Senor
Year: 2020

Title: Faith Meets Life: The Irruptive Atonement Theology of René Girard & James Alison
Author: Gordon Wiersma
Year: 2019

Title: Living Into God's Priesthood: Building and Developing Trust in a Transforming Community
Author: Adam Smith
Year: 2018

Title: Bend and Not Break: Vocational Flourishing in the Midst of Burnout Trends
Author: Paige Stephan
Year: 2018

Title: Becoming a Better Dance Partner: Addressing New York City's Mental Health Crisis through Enhanced Partnership with Faith Communities
Author: Shari Brink
Year: 2017

Title: Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy: Youth and Adults in Tandem Leadership and Ministry as a Catalyst for a New Ecclesiological Model at West Phoenix Apostolic Church
Author: Eduardo Iglesias
Year: 2017

Title: Set the Prisoners Free: Transformative Practices for Disciplining Christian Communities to End Mass Incarceration
Author: Shawn Casselberry
Year: 2016

Title: A Recognized and Recognizable Baptismal Identity
Author: Kathryn Snipes Lancaster
Year: 2016

Title: Liberating Lazarus: The Homiletical Mediation of Liberation for Congregants and Community
Author: David G. Latimore
Year: 2015

Title: Re-Composing a Life: Transitioning in the Second Half of Life
Author: Sheila MacDonald MacGregor
Year: 2015

Title: Lament: From Preaching to Permitting
Author: Michael Brooks
Year: 2014

Title: A String for the Pearls: Preaching the Cross as the Common C(h)ord
Author: Stephen McKinney-Whitaker
Year: 2014

Title: Preaching for the Nurture of Globally-Minded Christians
Author: Annika Lister-Stroope
Year: 2013

Title: With All Our Strength: Reading the Bible with Heart, Mind, and Soul
Author: Rachel Miller-Jacobs
Year: 2013

Title: A Call to Beauty
Author: Danielle Ayana James
Year: 2012

Title: Hear the Word of the Lord: How the Practice of Learning Scriptures by Heart and Performing Them in Worship Transforms Preaching
Author: Peter S. Buehler
Year: 2011

Title: Growing Up Into Christ: A Pastoral Response to Moral Distress among Medical Residents
Author: Margaret B. Lindsey
Year: 2011