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International Applicants to the Doctor of Ministry Program

McCormick welcomes international students to the Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry Program. Prospective International  Students are encouraged to carefully study the curricula and the admissions requirements for the program prior to  submitting an application.

The Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry program is designed to meet the needs of International students in terms of subject matter content, length of time to complete the degree, and U.S. Visa requirements. A separate application is required for this program and may be obtained from the Ecumenical D.Min. Program Office.  This Doctor of Ministry Program is a joint program of McCormick, the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, and the Catholic Theological Union.  Students wishing to receive a degree from McCormick Seminary apply through McCormick.  This is a full-time academic program which is completed in 1 - 2 years.

McCormick has a limited amount of finacial aid available for D.Min. students. Students accepted into this program are eligible to apply.

International students not residing in the U.S. are strongly advised to apply by December 1st of the year preceding the desired matriculation date, March 1st is the absolute deadline.

Language Proficiency Requirements

Beginning with students applying for admission in  2012, an English Language proficiency requirement must be met by all students for whom English is not their first language. Applicants may meet this requirement in one of four ways:

1.    Complete the TOEFL exam with an internet total score of 79 (213 computer, 550 paper), with a 20 minimum in four sections of reading, listening, speaking and writing;

2.    Hold an undergraduate or graduate degree from an institution in which English was the instructional language;

3.    Complete four semesters of ESL from an accredited institution, or

4.    Supply a documentable exemption from the above, e.g., extensive ministerial experience in an English speaking context, a bilingual family of origin where English was one of the domestic languages, extensive education instruction apart from college or university in English (e.g., a British style prep-school), etc.






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