Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Masters Applicants

The masters level programs offer students opportunities to be transformed as leaders in the church and society through academic pursuits, critical reflection, and faithful witness.

Since 1829, McCormick Theological Seminary has served as a premier center for theological education. Today, McCormick continues this legacy through its community of collaborative teaching and learning, preparing students for ministry that is cross-cultural, urban, Reformed, and ecumenical.

The Office of Recruitment and Admissions strives to assist a vibrant mix of applicants notable for their formative life experiences, commitment to the Church, and representive of a diversity of perspectives that continues to enhance the McCormick community.

Visit McCormick Opportunities:
Please call +1.773.947.6276 or email to make arrangements to attend classes and worship services.

Morning or Afternoon Visit:
Visit Class & Worship Service on Wednesday: a half day visit will allow you to immerse yourself in our community and find out what it means to study, worship, and learn at McCormick. Morning or afternoon class option (8:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m. or 12 noon to 4:00 p.m.)
Worship & Community Meal only on Wednesday: Fellowship with the McCormick community
Evening Visit
Visit an evening class on Monday or Tuesday: participate in a class with McCormick faculty and students. Immerse yourself in theological study to discern how McCormick can strengthen your theological foundation (6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)

Explore McCormick:
A full day program that provides an opportunity to learn about our Master Degrees and Certificate Programs, experience a sample class, speak with students, and alumni about their McCormick experience, learn about our scholarships, grants and financial aid program, and discern how theological education can support your call to ministry. Click here for available dates

Please call +1.773.947.6286 or email If you cannot travel to Chicago, you may be able to meet with an admissions representative visiting your area.

At a glance

Visit us during one of our Explore events in October, January and April.
Information on different ways to finance a McCormick education.

McCormick Theological Seminary is committed to helping qualified students attend seminary, regardless of their ability to pay. A wide range of financial aid is available, including merit scholarships, need-based tuition grants, and loans. On- and off-campus employment is also available.