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Pray Now

Community engagement and re-entry support convenes community relationships and networks that position the seminary to be a connector of incarcerated learners (and their community) to churches and networks of support that could assist in re-entry and seek to address the issues of mass incarceration, criminal justice and police reform, and community building. PrayNow. The program for Theological Studies at Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) seeks your involvement as a member of the McCormick community. With the students at Cook County jail in mind, we initiated the PrayNOW campaign to support our efforts to collect spiritual resources for "The Prayer Collective: Words of Hope in Crisis". These resources will also be made available to the entire McCormick community.

Join the PrayNOW initiative and contribute a spiritual resource to The Prayer Collective: Words of Hope in Crisis. Learn more @ PrayNOW.

Covid-19 Community Re-entry Support Team. In an effort to be proactive and support decarceration advocacy and efforts to significantly reduce the jail population, we have convened a Covid-19 Community Re-Entry Support Team. We have identified a handful of interfaith community-based partners with local, state and a national reach to join the team. We aim to be ready to leverage our vast and diverse networks of interfaith communities to organize re-entry support resources.