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Resources for Doing Justice

“He has told you, human one, what is good and what the Lord requires from you: to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with your God.” ~ Micah 6:8 (CEB)

Resources to #DoJustice

In the wake of the social and racial upheaval we are experiencing in the US, McCormick Theological Seminary offers the following links to sites, sermons, recommended reading and other resources collected on this page for you.

We invite you to share resources you have created or found helpful to add to this page. You may send sermons, videos, suggested books, and any tools you wish to share here by sending them to Lisa Dagher at With your help, this page will be updated with additional resources on a regular basis.

Thank you in advance for your submissions and participation. We sincerely hope that the resources found on this page encourage and assist you in your ministry context. #MTSLeaders

Immigration rights:

McCormick and LSTC Issue Joint Policy Statement Regarding Immigration Enforcement

Know Your Rights - English

Conozco sus Derechos – Español

Video resources:

#BlackLivesMatter video

Get Home Safely: 10 Rules of Survival video

“Lessons from Paul, Pink Salmon, and Black Folks”, sermon by Rev. Veronica Johnson.


Documentaries by McCormick alum, David Barnhart:

Flint: The Poisoning of an American City (to be released in late 2019 with special previews in Flint, September 12 and at McCormick Days October 18)

Kepulihan: When the Waters Recede

Locked in a Box: Immigration Detention

To Breathe Free

Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence

Other films:



Deportation Nation


The Bible’s Yes to Same Sex Marriage, An Evangelical’s Change of Heart, Mark Achtemeier

The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander

Eucharist and Globalization, Claudio Carlvalhaes

The Cross and the Lynching Tree, James Cone

Burying White Privilege, Resurrecting a Badass Christianity, Miguel De la Torre

White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo

Strength for the Struggle, Joseph Ellwanger

Journeys into Justice, Nile Harper

Waking up White, Debby Irving

Race in a Post-Obama America, David Maxwell and Otis Moss, III (with Frank Yamada, Laura Cheifetz and other contributors)

Radical Discipleship, Jenny McBride

Fantasy Island: Colonialism, Exploitation, and the Betrayal of Puerto Rico, Ed Morales

Blue Note Preaching in a Post-Soul World, Otis Moss III

Sacred Ground, Eboo Patel/p>

America’s Original Sin, Jim Wallis

Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus, Reggie Williams

Other recommended reading:

John Greenberg blog on Citizenship and Justice: Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves.

"Unless the Cry Is Heard, the City Will Not Flourish" keynote address at McCormick Days, October 20, 2016, by Dr. Allan Boesak. “…God becomes the poor and oppressed, wounded by the injustices inflicted upon them. Furthermore, Calvin speaks of all those “who cannot bear injustice.” In other words, not only those upon whom injustice is inflicted, but those who cry out on their behalf, and therefore do what is right and just. In their cry as well God hears Godself, and in their doing of justice the wounds of God are healed.”

"I've made it my purpose in life to stand against bigotry and injustice of every kind. Do everything in my power to make life more human, more humane for my fellow humans. Because of what happened to me and my family, I have never tolerated and I will not tolerate now and I will not tolerate in the future, any form of prejudice or discrimination against Jews, against blacks, against gays, or lesbians, against any fellow humans. That is the purpose of my life. Only God will judge how well I have done. Amen."
The Rev. Carl R. Simon, Class of 1945