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This Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020, we will be supporting our Solidarity Building Initiative (SBI).

Solidarity Building Initiative’s (SBI) commitments for community engagement and collaborative works create opportunities for partnerships with individuals, churches, organizations and networks to host community events that align with the aims of the program pillars. We see this as an opportunity for community-building, sharing resources, and building power that move us towards justice-making and solidarity-building. Here you will find opportunities to join public education series, resources to support activist and advocacy efforts, and opportunities to get involved with students at the jail.

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Our webinar educational series are made possible by your generous donations!  Make a gift today and Support Justice!

Isolation in Perspective: Criminal Justice Disconnection and the Church studies the criminal justice system and how to begin to understand our own complicit involvement in it; what perspectives might we gain on isolation and social disconnection?  What might this pandemic experience teach us about the lasting trauma of isolation?  And where is the church in all of this?

Transformation in Perspective: A Grass-roots Conversation on Disputing Structural Systems of Violence highlights the work of local Chicago advocates, community organizers, and, healers who are disrupting structural systems of violence. The conversation focuses on the intersection of police and prison abolition; gender, race, and economic justice; and the responses from grass-root organizers committed to justice and human flourishing. Moderated by, McCormick Alumna Rev. Marilyn Pagán-Banks.

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