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Upcoming Events for Church Leaders

The Common Ground Project is committed to fostering, building and
strengthening the next generation of African-, Asian-, Native-American
and Latin@ church leaders for congregations and communities.

2011 Gathering at McCormick Seminary
The Pastors Networking Gatherings are an opportunity for networking across racial, denominational and geographic lines. Join a network of church leaders of color in communities that are committed to supporting and fostering the development of young adults of color for Christian ministry. Part sabbath, part continuing education and fully fellowship, these gatherings are intended to be a safe and intentional space for meaningful conversation, mutual support, Sabbath, and fellowship.

Happiness in Ministry
 What is happiness in ministry? Should you expect to be "happy"? These were some of the questions we engaged in during our time together August 1-3. Our discussion was framed by research presented by Dr. Matthew Bloom, Associate Management Professor in the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame. Dr. Bloom has been engaged in research around the question "What help people in care-giving work to flourish?" His research initially focused on the experiences of clergy and he shared with us what he has discovered so far in these first three years of findings from his research.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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