Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

The Value of Cross-Cultural Placement

Dr. Joanne Lindstrom's discusses cross-cultural placement ideas in "Welcome to Theological Field Education", edited by Matthew Floding. 

In Considerations for Cross-Cultural Placement, Dr. Lindstrom discusses the importance of challenging an interns sense of self through cultural placements different than they are familiar of comfortable. 

She says, "The journey of cross-cultoral placement requires great effort, intent, and compassion. However, as stodents continue to grow in self-understanding, dare to be honest about tiieir own cultoral makeup, and courageously share tiiemselves and tiie lives of otiiers witii respect and care, the foundation for rewarding ministry is created." 

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Excerpted from: 

Welcome to Theological Field Education.
Matthew Floding, Editor.
The Alban Institute. 2010.