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Ways to Give

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Cash & Checks. To make gifts by cash or check, please send your donation to:

        Seminary Relations and Development
        McCormick Theological Seminary
        5460 S. University Ave.
        Chicago, IL 60615

Please contact Stephanie Moore if you have any questions or concerns, at 773.947.6282.

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Gifts of Stock. Thank you for your intent to make a gift of stock to McCormick. Please note that, as of 2005, IRS regulations require charities to record and acknowledge gifts of stock as in kind gifts.

When you plan to make a gift of stock, we ask that you please send us an email letting us know the following: which shares you plan to transfer, how many shares, whether or not your gift is designated for a special purpose, and when we may expect your gift.

Please contact Stephanie Moore at 773.947.6282 to facilitate the transfer and to assure prompt and accurate crediting of your gift.

If your stock is held by your broker, it may simply be transferred by your broker to Northern Trust electronically. In order for us to be able to identify you as the donor, you must instruct your broker to specify your name in the transfer.

For actual stock certificates in your name(s), you may request a stock power form from Northern Trust. Then, please send the stock certificates, unsigned, and the stock power forms in separate envelopes to Northern Trust at the above address via certified mail or overnight delivery.

McCormick's FEIN #: 36-2167802

        Northern Trust
        50 S. LaSalle St.
        Chicago, IL 60603
        DTCC#: 0226
        Account #: NTG-004049

        Attn: Mr. Tim Bauer
        Phone: 312.557.6336

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Memorial & Honor Gifts. These are welcomed and encouraged at McCormick. Many people each year memorialize or honor or remember special persons who have touched their lives with a gift to the seminary. These gifts are recognized in our Annual Report, and cards are sent to honorees or their families, as appropriate.

For more information, questions, or concerns, please contact Stephanie Moore at 773.947.6282.

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Direct Aid. You or your church may wish to directly support a specific student enrolled at the seminary. These gifts are received in the office of student accounts. Please notify us of this kind of support, by contacting:

Carmen Rollins, 773.947.6260, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Stephanie Moore, 773.947.6282, Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Checks may also be mailed directly to:

        Office of Student Accounts
        McCormick Theological Seminary
        5460 South University Avenue
        Chicago, IL 60615

Such gifts, when made by individuals to the seminary for a specific student account, are not tax deductible under Internal Revenue Service codes and private letter rulings.

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Matching Gifts. These gifts can double the impact of your gift to McCormick. Participating companies often match their employees' charitable contributions to institutions and organizations. Many companies match retired employees' gifts as well.

When you are ready to make a gift to McCormick, request a matching gift form from your company's Human Resources Office. Send that form with your gift to McCormick Theological seminary. The seminary will process the matching gift form and will notify you when we receive the gift from your employer.

Please contact Stephanie Moore at 773.947.6282 for questions or additional information.

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Gifts-in-Kind. You may wish to make a gift of goods or services to the seminary, or in-kind gift. For IRS purposes, the donor has the responsibility to determine the value of the gift; the seminary does not assign monetary values to gifts in acknowledging such gifts. This includes gifts of stock.

Tangible Personal Property: Gifts of tangible personal property (works of art, antiques, stock, etc.) may be accepted by the seminary. Such gifts are ordinarily accepted only when the gift directly serves the educational purposes of the seminary. The Board of Trustees has the right to accept or reject any such gift of personal property.

For assistance and information regarding planned gifts or guidance in completing your planned gift, please contact:

        Lisa Dagher
        VP of Seminary Relations and Development

Library Books: The JKM Library does not accept gifts of personal ministerial libraries. Such gifts may be received as in-kind gifts to the seminary. Contact them today at 773.256.0737.

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