Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Worley, Robert

Rob has been teaching ESL writing and listening/speaking at McCormick since 1991. He brings a wealth of cross-cultural experience, having traveled extensively and researched and written about life in the Middle East, specifically the Arab-Israeli occupation, Islamic philosophy and the future of Arab Christian participation in Middle East life. He also served as Middle East resource person for the Peace and Disarmament Committee of the Italian Federation of Protestant Churches and wrote an historical perspective on the Arab-Israeli occupation. As director of LRWC, Rob and his colleagues have developed a pedagogical model of openness, mutuality and vulnerability integral to McCormick's mission to prepare women and men for the challenges of local and global ministry. "Our experience at LRWC," he says, "clearly shows that an accompaniment model of teaching and learning cultivates both respectful attitudes towards one another and the critical skills crucial for ministry." BA, Macalester College; MA, Northeastern Illinois University; Ph.D. candidate, Northern Illinois University 

Rob Worley
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Director of the Language Resource and Writing Center
LRWC at LSTC, 3rd Floor - East