Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Associate Pastor, Discipleship & Outreach - Hilton Head, SC


Listed 05-12-2020
First Presbyterian Church, 540 William Hilton Parkway, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 | 843-681-3696 |
Hilton Head, SC
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Full Time

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FPC’s Vision: Every member in ministry (based on 1 Corinthians 12:27 and 1 Peter 2:9)

In August 2016, FPC began a planning process to discern where God is leading us. We call this Spirit-guided plan the WAY forwardThe WAY forward envisions that by the end of 2021, as Christ leads, we will be an even more “open, inviting, and joyful church, vibrant and vital as a community and in the world.”

As we pursue this plan, we prayerfully seek God’s guidance in our mission of changing lives and making disciplesfor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ:

  • Changing lives is the result of living our faith by loving and serving those in our church, community, and world. We believe that God uses our inspirational worship, Christian education ministries, fellowship, witness, and outreach and mission opportunities to change us and others to God’s glory.
  • Making disciples is facilitated through meaningful worship, Bible-based Christian education, small group fellowship, and outreach and mission ministries that feed and increase our hunger to live as Christ’s followers. We also make disciples by helping people identify their God-given gifts, by integrating them into FPC’s life and mission, and by providing other opportunities for spiritual growth and service to the Lord.

By honoring and glorifying God through this mission and vision, we pray that the lives we touch and impact and our discipleship will lead others to FPC and will enable us to better see and serve God in our lives and in the world.

  • We are a multi-generational, “purple” community of faith (politically and theologically diverse but united in commitment to the Lord), blessed with an abundance of experienced, gifted Christians with discretionary time and financial resources.
  • We live in a town that is a destination for vacationers, “snowbirds,” and retirees, as well as service workers and young professionals. We seek opportunities to lead others to Christ by attracting and welcoming visitors, the newly-retired, and especially families and young people into the body of Christ.
  • We feel a special call to help lead to the Lord “nones” and “dones”—those not connected to a community of faith (or with only a vague connection to God). This Associate Pastor for Discipleship and Outreach would work with and help us open our doors wider to such people, especially young families.
  • We are located in SC’s wealthiest county, but one with areas of significant need. Our adjacent counties are among the poorest in the nation, including the so-called “Corridor of Shame” along I-95 where schools have woefully inadequate facilities and resources. We are committed to loving and serving these and other neighbors in need by employing our spiritual gifts and resources.
  • We are a “Community Church,” perceived as a center of community life and activity and host myriad cultural events. We value opportunities to engage in community activities and events as well as facilitate community conversations about important issues.

The Associate Pastor for Discipleship and Outreach is a Spirit-led call for a “lover of Jesus” (in John Calvin’s words) who will help us fulfill our mission and vision by equipping and leading us as follows:


  • A gifted teacher, student of the Bible, lifelong learner, who enjoys teaching and developing classes and Christian education programs for adults.
  • A team player who will work creatively and collaboratively with our directors of ministry to children and youth to help us foster our blossoming ministry to families.


  • A Christian committed to loving our neighbors, particularly those in need, by working with and guiding our robust local and global outreach ministries.
  • A lover of Jesus who will join us in leading others to him so they will know him and his love. This would include helping us envision and establish ministries to do so. We want to open FPC’s doors as wide as possible, particularly to families, and extend our ministry and witness beyond our doors.


  • A “co-worker” (in Paul’s words) with our pastors, music ministers, staff and congregation who will assist us in leading worship and administering the sacraments, including preaching 8+ times a year, assisting in conducting weddings, services of witness to the resurrection, and committal services.

As the Spirit leads, each of these will enable us to fulfill our mission and vision by deepening our faith and discipleship in the Lord and by extending his love to others and leading them to him.

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