Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Associate Pastor for Youth and Discipleship - Moorestown, NJ


Listed 06-15-2020
First Presbyterian Church, 101 Bridgeboro Rd, Moorestown, NJ 08057 | 856-235-1688 |
Moorestown, NJ
Start Date
Full Time

This position is suitable for a first call. For additional details and self-referral information, please visit the Church Leadership Connection to see their MIF # 04788.AF2

Our vision for ministry is to place Jesus Christ at the center of who we are and all that we do. As such, we seek to commune deeply with God; able to proclaim, teach and preach the Gospel that is scripturally sound, and faith-based. Led by the Spirit, we embrace opportunities that encourage discipleship and wholeness in Him leading to the loving engagement of the people in our communities. Through experience in all forms of worship, including prayer, preaching, liturgy, music, small group Bible studies and daily participation outside the church walls, we proclaim the Gospel and carry out the redeeming salvation of Christ Jesus.

As a congregation and church leadership team, we work to live out the Great Commission and “make disciples of all nations” by bringing the loving and redeeming message of Jesus Christ to all our neighbors. Our congregation strives to become the hands and feet of Christ by promoting education, rebuilding homes and schools, supporting children at risk, and providing support for the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of all people. In order to proclaim His message and become His Love, we work to set our own Christ-loving hearts right first. Through traditional and contemporary services, Bible studies, Sunday School Classes and a music program that spans all ages, our congregation praises and worships God in many ways. In our desire to grow deeper in our own faith, stronger in our love, and more effective in our service, we have also identified 25 “ways” which we reinforce weekly through prayer and discussion at FPC gatherings and worship services. With biblically-based principles such as “Speak the Truth with Love” and “Pray First and Pray again”, we strive to turn our hearts and church culture to the ways of our Lord Jesus daily. We strive to be a church without walls in our surrounding community by performing prayer walks through our neighborhoods, supporting a thriving Vacation Bible School and three Youth Groups, celebrating the community at our Strawberry Festival, being a part of the local Ministerium and planning congregation-wide local service events.

The Associate Pastor will help us bring the youth of our congregation and our community into relationship with Jesus Christ. We need the help of a RELATIONAL and SENSITIVE Pastor who is PASSIONATE about nurturing the discipleship of our youth and the younger adults in our community. The Associate Pastor will also come alongside our Senior Pastor and help him preach, administer the sacraments and lend structure and focus to our various ministries. As such, the Associate Pastor will need to be flexible, collaborative and ready to help in the coordination of all facets of our Church life, especially the youth and discipleship ministry.

As a congregation, we are searching for a leader contagious with love for Jesus that overflows with energy and enthusiasm to all of God’s children. The unique nature of the Associate Pastor position is the calling to Minister to our youth, while also supporting the Senior Pastor in serving the congregation. It requires strong leadership while remaining faithful, supportive, and encouraging. A love for God as professed in a statement of faith and a passion for holiness are foundational in our quest. In our desire to be captive to the Word of God, we are looking for faithfulness to the Scriptures and authority of the Bible. Prudence in seeing opportunities and creativity in implementing ideas and resources can further invigorate our training in discipleship. As a teacher of God’s message, one values an attitude of life-long learning and continued growth. Our strong music program is a vibrant part of worship, fellowship and outreach, so our ideal candidate would have an appreciation for praising God through music. Service and outreach are energized by a person who easily engages and relates to people of all ages, but especially with middle school and high school youth and post graduate young adults. The qualities of humility, humor and honesty are also essential in building trusting relationships. We rely on a leader who can discern when we need the gentleness of a shepherd, or the boldness of a watchman. We are seeking a leader who will help us follow God’s heart and become His hands.

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