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Pastor, Head of Staff - Lewistown, PA


Listed 07-23-2019
Lewistown Presbyterian Church, 17 E. Third St., Lewistown, PA 17044 | 717-248-4561 |
Lewistown, PA
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Full Time

Please review Lewistown's MIF at the CLC:  MIF #07603.AD0. This position is suitable for a first call.

The congregation of Lewistown Presbyterian Church seeks a pastor who guides, directs and nourishes the purposes and vision of the congregation. 

Within our congregation we seek to grow closer in our relationship with Jesus Christ through meaningful and challenging worship.  We have made deliberate efforts to nurture the spiritual health of our congregation through:  The Missional Church (a 3-year study), Bible studies, small groups, mission trips, seasonal studies, Deacons, and conferences.  As directed in Matthew 5, we shine our light by opening our doors to: NA, AA, Boy Scouts, community lunches, Community Bible School, Backyard Ministries, Krislund Traveling Day Camp, nursery school, preschool, etc.

Our goal as a church is to spread the love of Jesus Christ while growing in our personal relationships with Him and with each other.

Our community is a field ripe for harvest.  As a church we strive to continue to discern community needs and address them by continuing the programs we have started, and by reevaluating and adjusting as necessary.  Lewistown, Pennsylvania has a diverse socio-economic make-up, including upper/middle class as well as those in poverty.  We strive to bring more people through our doors and erase the dividing line.

To meet needs and bring more people into our church we will continue with our monthly community luncheons. Both adults and youth have participated in Mission trips across the east coast as well as in Central America.  We sponsor a thriving Nursery School and Preschool on site. We plan to continue hosting the Krislund Traveling Day Camp on an annual basis, allowing for many children to experience camp while learning to love Jesus. We open our doors to groups and individuals who need a safe, warm place for meetings or gatherings.  Representatives from our church participate in community events, providing crafts for children at the Ice Festival and Kid Connection. Church members are involved in the local Lumina Center and Backyard Ministries, both of which minister to families in local neighborhoods.  Our congregants invite friends, coworkers, and new acquaintances to our services.

We will continue to assess the needs of our town and our programs and do our best to reach out as needed.

Our next pastor will be committed to Christ. He/she will be receptive to God’s direction and guidance in a manner that exemplifies emotional maturity, honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We seek a creative individual who relates to all God’s children with a winsome attitude while encouraging and serving others. As head of staff, the ideal candidate will be a person who demonstrates organization and communication skills while appropriately delegating responsibility.

In addition to the required duties of The Book of Order, the Pastor of Lewistown Presbyterian Church will lead the staff of one full-time and nine part-time employees, lead special services, and serve with the Deacons. We expect our pastor to be involved in our church and community, develop an awareness of our community’s specific needs, and help our church to respond to those needs. Our pastor will officiate weddings and funerals and will be encouraged to participate in and/or lead small group Bible studies. We anticipate that our pastor will help the congregation grow spiritually as a church and as individuals, including visitation of members and spending time with our children’s programs.

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