Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Solo Pastor, Head of Staff - Detroit, MI


Listed 05-12-2020
Calvary Presbyterian Church, 19125 Greenview, Detroit, Michigan 48219 | 313-537-2590 |
Detroit, MI
Start Date
Full Time

For additional details and self-referral information, please visit the Church Leadership Connection to see their MIF # 12205.AA0.

Background Information

Calvary Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., located within the Synod of the Covenant.  As Ambassadors for Christ and a community of faith, our mission is to grow in faith through hearing and expanding God’s Word and love for all people. Our Vision is to be a vibrant congregation providing significant spiritual and personal growth and increasing its Christian footprint in the community.  Calvary lives out its vision and mission through the provision of service to our local  Multicultural/Racial Ethnic community.

Calvary is an urban, inner city church of approximately 115 members located on the northwest side of the City of Detroit.  Calvary began as a Mission Sunday School in May of 1868.  In 1872 it was officially organized by the Presbytery of Detroit.  During its history Calvary changed locations on several occasions.  Calvary moved to its present location in September of 1991.  

Calvary is in an economically disadvantaged community of Detroit.  The County of Wayne has estimated that 46% of the households in Calvary’s service area are either near or below the poverty level. Poverty invariably subjects a population to injustice, discrimination and the need for hands-on services.

Calvary puts forth an effort to maintain a Christian presence by addressing the needs of the community through supportive services in addition to regular church responsibilities.  The neighborhood where Calvary is located has largely transitioned from one of predominately homeowners to one of predominately renters.  Calvary is committed to its mission to serve, which means to provide building space to the community for meetings, services and activities.  We seek to promote community support, programming and Evangelism.  We are additionally involved in new community development, such as the Detroit 7 Mile Development Project. We are poised to embrace future outreach activities to address the needs of our local community.

Purpose of the Position

The position seeks a Pastor who will be spiritually guided by God’s word and His teachings as exemplified in Proverbs 3: 5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths”.

The Pastor will be responsible for moderating the Session and for providing pastoral leadership and administrative oversight of the church’s ministry teams.  He/she will work with the Session and the Church staff to provide opportunities for members to participate in worship and discipleship.  He/she will provide counseling and strategic leadership to assess the congregation’s short and long term needs. The Pastor will support the congregation so that it can continue to identify its mission and purpose.


  • Masters of Divinity from an accredited Theological Seminary
  • Ordained or
  • Meets all required qualifications to be Ordained by PC(USA)

Desired Characteristics

The Pastor will demonstrate the following Leadership Competencies, based upon Calvary’s Self-Study:

  • Compassionate- includes having the ability to suffer with others and is called into action as advocate.
  • Preaching and Worship Leadership-includes the ability to inspire from the pulpit.
  • Spiritual Maturity-Demonstrates integrity by walking the talk and by responding with faithfulness of purpose.
  • Teacher- Includes the ability to design lesson plans that teach concepts, facts, and theology.
  • Communicator- Advances the abilities of individuals and the organization through active listening.
  • Advisor-An individual others turn to for counsel and guidance.
  • Willingness to Engage Conflict-Can identify common ground and elicit cooperation from others in crafting mutual solutions.
  • Decision Making-is generally regarded as offering solutions and suggestions that are correct and effective.
  • Interpersonal Engagement-Displays a consistent ability to build solid relationships of trust and respect inside and outside of the organization.
  • Motivator-Influences others toward a spirit of service and meaningful contributions to mission accomplishment.
  • Flexibility-Remains open to new ideas and approaches and works concurrently on related and conflicting priorities without losing focus or attention.


This is a full time position.   The Pastor / Head of Staff is accountable directly to the Session. There will be annual performance reviews by the Personnel Committee of the Session.

Primary Responsibilities

Inspirational Worship/Teaching

  • To provide a biblically based preaching and teaching ministry.  Plan and lead all worship services in collaboration with the Worship & Music Committee.
  • Provide creative and motivational weekly children’s sermons.
  • Provide premarital teaching and counseling.
  • To administer the sacraments of communion and baptism in addition to officiating weddings and funeral services for members of the congregation and by others approved by the Session.  
  • Teach Bible Study weekly and related study programs.
  • Create opportunities for learning and spiritual growth

Strategic Leadership and Planning

  • To moderate Session meetings and meet with church committee, constituents and stake holders monthly or as needed.
  • Serve as Head of Staff, as such, strive to maintain a collegial atmosphere with each of the ministries and programs of the church.
  • Conduct staff meetings with Church staff and standing Church committees as often as deemed necessary to ensure effective oversight and open communication.
  • Work with church staff and the congregation to build and maintain community collaboration and active engagement in community development.
  • Work with church staff and the congregation to identify outreach and grant opportunities to enhance services and care to our local underserved community.
  • Provide clear vision and leadership for developing staff goals of the church.
  • Create opportunities for building ecumenical relationships in the community.

Session Support and Guidance

  • Support the Stewardship Committee in the implementation of the annual stewardship campaign.
  • Work diligently with all Ministry Teams to address staff issues in a timely manner.
  • Provide guidance and consistent support for church functions.

Pastoral Care

  • To provide pastoral services for those members of the congregation who are in crisis situations.
  • Visit church members who are hospitalized/ sick and shut in.
  • Provide counseling and support to staff and members of the congregation as needed.
  • Meet with congregation members and constituents to design and develop personalized care and to support them through baptism, funeral and wedding services. 

Presbytery Support

  • Participate in the Presbytery e.g., the structure of the Presbytery, training, committees, etc.
  • Attend Presbytery meetings and report significant developments to the Session.
  • Encourage elders and members to support and participate in Presbytery and denominational programs.


  • Performance reviews will be conducted at least annually by the Personnel committee of Session.
  • There will be an annual review of compensation.
  • Evaluations will be documented in written form.

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