Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Solo Pastor - Montrose, CO


Listed 05-12-2020
First Presbyterian Church of Montrose, 1840 E. Niagara Road, Montrose, CO 81401 | 970-249-4732 |
Montrose, CO
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Full Time

This position is suitable for a first call; includes a housing allowance. For additional details and self-referral information, please visit the Church Leadership Connection to see their MIF # 08429.AF0

We believe Christ calls each believer into mission and ministry to share his/her gifts. We seek to provide a loving, grace-filled space where individuals come to know Christ and are inspired to share their gifts with passion. We value close interpersonal relationships, are deeply dedicated to studying God’s Word together, and are committed to being an outwardly focused body of believers.

It is our desire to join in worship that glorifies and celebrates God and prepares us to offer our lives and resources in selfless love and service, both within and outside the walls of our church. As an intergenerationally mixed congregation, we are challenged to adapt our worship styles to embrace all backgrounds and desires. We highly value our pastor’s preaching and teaching of God’s Word, stretching our understanding of Scripture. We want to be challenged to participate in God’s Kingdom work, to center our lives in Jesus Christ, and to follow His teaching. We believe deepening spiritual growth is key to living out our mission and we yearn to move forward on the journey God has for us.

As we strive to be a missional church, we are looking for members of our community who will join us in this journey. We desire to find creative ways of seeking and bringing in newcomers and nurturing relationships throughout the congregation.

First Presbyterian Church Montrose has a rich tradition as a giving church. Our Deacons actively meet the needs of those seeking assistance with food, rent, utilities, transportation, and shelter. Members volunteer to lead worship in a local nursing home, assist students in the schools, and serve in the community soup kitchens. In each of these endeavors we seek to be the faithful, visible presence of Christ in Montrose. Additionally, we commit the first ten percent of our annual budget to missions, seeking a balance of local outreach ministries such as the pregnancy center, prison ministry, and Young Life, with international and national ministries (including our partner church in the Navajo Nation, and our supported mission in Ongole, India, where we engage in boots on the ground projects) that are reaching out to share Christ’s love. On a more fundamental level, though, we recognize that there is a tremendous need to give hope beyond monetary or material relief. In our worship, youth and children’s ministries, Bible studies, and assistance programs we seek to share the truth of the Bible.

Our congregation recently completed the New Beginnings assessment. This involved large and small group meetings of about 150 members over several months which allowed us to identify some new realities about our body and about our community. Our Session is actively working with those findings to clarify our mission and plan for the future. As with any vibrant congregation, this will be an ongoing journey. As a first step, we recently introduced a second service on Sunday mornings with a contemporary focus to accommodate the desires of our community. This service complements our existing blended service. We are seeking a pastor who will continue to work through this process with us, to bring new ideas and a new perspective, to challenge our old ways of doing things, and walk with us into our next chapter. 

We are looking for a pastor with a long-term vision for ministry who can motivate individuals to step outside their comfort zone to engage in ministry. As the primary preaching pastor, he/she will show spiritual maturity by demonstrating a strong grounding in Scripture and skill in preaching the Word of God in relevant messages which will challenge the congregation to apply the lessons of Scripture in our lives outside the walls of the church. We want a leader who is gifted in working with us in developing our strategy for the future, collaborating with all of the key stakeholders, and working through inevitable conflict to bring about the changes we desire.

Above all, our pastor must have a vital living faith in Jesus Christ, a passionate love for people, a rich love for the Scripture, and the ability to communicate the Gospel across generations with integrity, warmth, and humor. Because close relationships are so important to us, our pastor must be someone who engages others in an intimate and authentic way, a true shepherd to people sharing their hopes and fears, their sins and struggles, someone who is willing to invite Jesus into those relationships.

It is our strong preference to hire a pastor with five to ten years of experience as a senior, solo, or associate pastor, or with other relevant experience.

We are looking for someone who is eager to embrace the casual, small town, outdoor lifestyle of Montrose and its surrounding area.

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