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City of Chicago Updates for COVID-19



Update for 5/19/2020
Update for 5/7/2020
Update for 5/5/2020
Update for 5/1/2020
Update for 4/28/2020
Update for 4/25/2020
Update for 4/23/2020
Update for 4/21/2020
Update for 4/18/2020
Update for 4/16/2020
Update for 4/9/2020
Update for 4/5/2020
Update for 4/3/2020 - Eviction information

Update for 4/2/2020
Update for 3/31/2020

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The City of Chicago is committed to providing leadership and help throughout the evolving COVID-19 crisis. As this situation develops, we will continue to offer resources and support to people across the city. This website provides the latest information on a range of topics regarding COVID-19.

statewide order has been issued for Illinois residents to stay at home or in their place of residence. The order requires all residents to stay home, unless traveling for essential needs or business, and requires businesses not engaged in essential activities to cease all activities except for minimum basic operations. The order will took effect on Saturday, March 21 at 5 p.m., across the State of Illinois and will remain in place until the Governor’s Disaster Proclamation expires on April 7. Learn more about what this means for residents.

We are mobilizing every resource at our disposal and collaborating with national, state and local partners to develop a comprehensive and coordinated response to the virus. Fortunately, there are effective steps that we can all take to curb the spread of COVID-19 and support each other. We urge you to share information on this page with your neighbors and colleagues to ensure everyone is safe and receiving the help they need.

This is an unprecedented public health challenge. But make no mistake, with everyone working to battle its transmission, Chicagoans will prevail against COVID-19 and come through this stronger than ever.