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Title Date Type Category Location
Solo Pastor - Canton, IL 03.24.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Canton, IL
Pastor/Executive Director - Greenville, SC 02.18.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Greenville, SC
Associate Director for Campus Ministry - Madison, WI 02.19.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Madison, WI
Associate Minister - Glencoe, IL 02.18.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Glencoe, IL
Youth Pastor - Gary, IN 02.18.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Gary, IN
Pastoral Resident Position - Kennett, MO 02.18.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Kennett, MO
Associate Pastor of Family Life, Youngstown, NY 02.18.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Youngstown, NY
Director of the National Fund for Sacred Places 02.18.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Philadelphia, PA
Consulting Services Associate 02.18.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
Transitional Associate Pastor - Clarendon Hills, IL 01.30.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Clarendon Hills, IL
Associate Pastor - Charlotte, NC 01.21.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Charlotte, NC
Choir Director - Lombard, IL 01.9.20 Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Lombard, IL
Director of The Growing Place Pre School - Lombard, IL 01.9.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Lombard, IL
Director of Youth Ministries - Flossmoor, IL 01.9.20 Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Flossmoor, IL
Transitional Associate Pastor Position - Bloomington Indiana 01.9.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Bloomington Indiana
Co-Pastor - Peoria, IL 11.28.19 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Peoria, IL
Director of History and Records/PHS Executive Director 11.21.19 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Philadelphia, PA
Director of Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations (Office of the General Assembly) 11.21.19 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Louisville, KY
Interim Minister for Pastoral Care - Chicago, IL 11.21.19 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Chicago, IL
WVU Campus Minister Search - Morgantown, WV 11.21.19 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Morgantown, WV
Solo Pastor - Dinuba, CA 11.26.19 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Dinuba, CA
Solo Pastor - Washington, IL 10.17.19 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Washington, IL
Pastor and Head of Staff - Baltimore, MD 10.10.19 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Baltimore, MD
Director of Faith Formation - Palatine, IL 10.10.19 Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Palatine, IL
Youth and Children’s Ministry - Oak Park, IL 09.24.19 Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Oak Park, IL