Two MTS Students Receive Top Apollos Scholarships

08-09-2012 by

M. Edwards
Presbyterian Seminary Foundation’s Apollos Program promotes excellence in Christian leadership.

McCormick first-year student Matthew D. Bauhof (Detroit Presbytery) and rising third-year student Eun Joo “Angela” Ryo (Chicago Presbytery) have been named recipients of two of the top four Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation’s Apollos Scholarships for the 2012-2013 school year. Bauhof received the Eugene C. Dinsmore Scholarship; Ryo received the Robert K. Adams Scholarship. Both scholarships are named for leaders who envisioned providing support for seminarians in the Midwest region.

The Foundation’s Apollos Program promotes excellence in Christian leadership by providing scholarships to seminary students who are under the care of the presbyteries. By assisting with expenses, Board members seek to relieve the financial burdens of individuals chosen by God to fulfill their call to leadership in the Christian community.

McCormick President Frank Yamada stated, “This is very good news, indeed, that two of our students received top awards. We celebrate their achievements.”

The Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation’s Apollos Program derives its name from the young man described in Acts 18:24-26. Apollos was fervent in the scriptures and eloquent in proclaiming the gospel, but he needed more education. Fortunately, his friends were compelled to support him and arranged for additional training so that he could teach the Good News with authority.

Since the inception of the Apollos Program, Presbyterian seminary students have been recipients of over $3.5 million in funding. The annual Apollos Program budget is about $128,000 and provides financial assistance to up to 35 qualified Master of Divinity seminarians.

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