Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Staff and Faculty Directory

Last Name First Name Extension Email Department
Almaguer Erik 6265 IT & Systems
Banks Nannette 6322 Alumni/ae Relations
Barrios Gilberto 6318 Admissions Office
Bogues Diane 6364 Admissions Office
Bonner Elaine 256-0732 JKM Library
Bowman Shawna 6340 Experiential Field Education; Field Studies
Bretz Rebecca TBD Solidarity Building Initiative
Cantu Brenda 773-256-0736 JKM Library
Case-Winters Anna 6321 Faculty
Cathey Robert 6323 Faculty
Circulation Desk Circulation Desk 256-0739 JKM Library
Crawford David 6301 President's Office; Administration & Finance
Crittenden Anita 6334 Alumni/ae Relations
Crumpton Stephanie 6329 Faculty
Dagher Lisa 6320 Seminary Relations & Development
Daniels David 6342 Faculty
Davidson Steed 6348 Faculty; Academic Affairs
Del Valle Armando 6255 Property & Facilities
DeShazier Julian 6340 Experiential Field Education; Field Studies
Diaz-Perez Leslie 6284 Hispanic Ministries
Eastwood Linda 6325 Liaison
Edwards-Dunn Stacey 6271 Faculty
Evans Sam 6288 Seminary Relations & Development
Fassett Barbara 6365 IT & Systems
Finance Department Finance; Student Accounts; Payroll; Accounts Payable
Gaines Natasha 6251 Administration & Finance
Help Desk Help Desk 773-753-1835 IT & Systems
Herald Office Herald Office 6272
Hightower Tabitha 6309 Student Financial; Employment
Hopkins Barry 256-0734 JKM Library
Howell Alicia 6270 Doctor of Ministry in Preaching
Jacobson Courtney 6361 Doctor of Ministry
JKM Library JKM Library 256-0739
Johnson Veronica 6319 Admissions Office
Johnson Jia 6280 Solidarity Building Initiative
Kang Jina 6330 Faculty
Kaylin Burmaa 256-0731 JKM Library
Kim Dae Sung 6336 Doctor of Ministry
Kimbrough Renee 6311 Finance; Student Accounts; Payroll; Accounts Payable
Lackland Gina 6276 Admissions Office
Leachman Joyce 6283 Office of the President
Lindstrom Joanne 6335 Faculty; Experiential Field Education; Field Studies
LRWC LRWC 256-0748 Language Resource & Writing Center
Mail Room Mail Room 6344
Mayo Richard 1840 Marketing & Communications
McBride Jennifer 6332 Doctor of Ministry; Continuing Education
Moore Stephanie 6282 Development
Ould Jennifer 6307 Academic Affairs; President's Office
Pulver Emilie 256-0730 JKM Library
Ramsey Nate 6309 Financial Aid, Director
Rand Gary Worship
Rodriquez Priscilla 6310 African-American Ministries; Hispanic Ministries
Rollins Carmen 6260 Finance; Student Accounts; Payroll; Accounts Payable
Sawyer Ken 6304 Faculty
Schmidt John 6331 Faculty
Singh Thehil 6317 Students and Academics
Student Council Student Council 6272
Tanzer Sarah 6328 Faculty
Thompson-Hill Dola 6297 Receptionist
Turner Tracy 6352 Administration & Finance
Valle Lis 6287 Faculty
Vaughan Barbara 6349 IT & Systems
Wade Chandra 6285 Registrar's Office
Wallace Luke 6343 Property & Facilities
Watkins David 6314 Students & Academics
Williams Monica 6275 Administration & Finance
Williams Reggie 6279 Faculty
Woodfaulk Ashley 6261 Human Resources
Worley Robert 256-0707 Faculty; Language Resource & Writing Center